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What is your favourite food/recipe app and why?

I'm keen to know what makes a great food/recipe app
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    India's largest food delivery app

    Yoginth🤟 Designer, Developer, and Toolmaker · Written
    It is awesome!
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    Discover creative recipes

    JohnCurator of / wannabe desinger · Written
    Great recipe and shopping list app
  3. 12

    A fitness app for people who hate fitness

    If you're looking for healthy recipes, 8fit is pretty awesome. It creates a weekly meal plan according to your fitness goal, but you can also check the recipe book if you're looking for something specific.
    • Marta Denkiewicz
      Marta DenkiewiczDigital Health | UX Design and Research

      - if I could add my shopping list automatically to my Tesco basket to get my weekly groceries delivered that would be AMAZING - friendly and approachable feel, more 'common sense' driven, less data driven (no charts and graphs, and calories goals etc) - plan your next workout after completing one is a good piece of behavioral design a) making an explicit commitment increases the likelyhood of following up b) good timing to ask that question - I feel accomplished after completing a workout which makes me want to do it again - progressing from e.g. novice to intermediate level with my exercise routine gives me a sense of accomplishment

  4. Yoginth
    Yoginth🤟 Designer, Developer, and Toolmaker · Written
    Suggests me good places to eat!
    Mahendra Abhi
    Mahendra AbhiProduct marketer @gocashfree. · Written
    Simple to use and excellent customer support
    So simple for you, unless you are good at technology.
  5. John
    JohnCurator of / wannabe desinger · Written
    It's not the best looking app but it's a pretty good way to find recipes online.
    ZacMarketer & Men's Shop Owner · Written
    This is easily the best app for recipe management. Great integrations.
  6. Simon Clavey
    Simon ClaveyDesigner @ Clavey co. · Written
    Great recipes, easy to follow with videos to help. Can change quantity in app for ingredient workout.
    No doubt. This is the one.
  7. Yoginth
    Yoginth🤟 Designer, Developer, and Toolmaker · Written
    Good delivery service!
  8. Joel Runyon
    Joel RunyonFounder, Impossible X · Written
    I might be a bit biased - but I think it's awesome :)
  9. Arjay Osma
    Arjay OsmaDeveloper. Designer. Entrepreneur. · Edited
    If you're looking to search for great recipes via ingredients, you can download our app. We're still in the first few releases so just bear with us as we will be adding more features for our users.
  10. As for me, I like to download different apps from where I can download different games, applications and software for free. There are no registration and simple design.