Kyle HessFintech Product Manager

What do people actually use to buy plane tickets?

I feel like there's a million apps and websites out there to book air travel. What are people actually using? Where do you find the best deals? Are there any places with a reward system?
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    Compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal

    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Most widely used travel information search platform. Compare the cheapest flights of every airlines. Best flight tickets using month view is cool (if flexible).
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Skyscanner is great. No fees, great UI, great for flexible travel.
    Joon Kee ParkProduct@ARGear, CS@Stanford, Ops@Anyfi · Written
    Skyscanner is usually the cheapest (covers a lot of different flight/airline options) and it's simple to use! I love the option to search for "everwhere" if you're just feeling like traveling :)
  2. Ivan Mirindie app developer · Written
    Kayak because it searches through many other websites to find the best price and has a nice automated travel planning based on your booking emails.
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    Actually cheap flights & hotels

    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Reveal hidden prices. They claim this - "We're better at finding cheap flights than anyone else— so good, United Airlines actually sued us for it". Skiplagged 2 [New version] They show hidden city ticketing trips in addition to what sites like Expedia, KAYAK, and Travelocity show. Taking a stop might save hundreds of dollar as @melaniepinola mentioned here - You can also track previous searches for changes in price. Available on iOS/Android.
  4. Cheryl SabaritaCo-founder @ Ingenious Tribe · Written
    I prefer Obritz over Skyscanner because it offers a lot of alternative flights and cheaper. Traveling from South America to Asia is not easy due to visa requirements (mostly go through US) but with Orbitz, it give me visa-free routes and a lot more cheaper.