What's the best backpack for commuting / work?

I have a new walk to work and will be traveling a bunch - in need of a cool backpack - but can't find one that looks good and is functional. Help me be cooler on my commute.
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    The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling

    Versatile & beautiful bags based on the Everyday Messenger

    Willie Morris
    Willie MorrisFormerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox · Written
    I love the everyday backpack - it's meant to be geared towards photography, but it's incredibly versatile even you aren't carrying around cameras. Huge fan.
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    Ostap Senyuk
    Ostap SenyukProduct Manager, Tech at Amazon · Written
    My friend recently bought this one, and it seems to be amazing. Great anti-theft protection, convenient compartments and nice looks. Bonus: it always stands straight, when you put it on the floor.
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    Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Edited
    @tombihn, out of Seattle, they design and make travel and laptop bags: I suggest you check out https://www.tombihn.com/collecti... I've had my bag for 10 years, it came with waterproofing for all compartments provided by the water-repellent zippers. The bag itself is not waterproofed, if it was then it would be uncomfortable, you can apply waterproofer to your bag and water will not be able to penetrate its compartment surfaces, this is the best way to waterproof a bag and still enjoy the comfort of it's material. I finally broke the plastic buckle on it at year 7 and easily ordered a replacement. They always quickly respond to any inquiries via email. Their bags are made of top notch materials that are designed to last, review the materials at https://www.tombihn.com/pages/ma... Depending on which bag you choose, they provide a ' Build your own organization ' tool on the website that allows you to customize how your bag will function. They have a Lifetime guarantee and proudly state that your bag is designed and made to last up to twenty-five years with minor repair.. At this point it's true for me. They've been crafting bags for travel since 1972.
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    BAGOBAGO Backpack Chair

    Sit down anywhere on your backpack

    Michal Hudeček made this product
    Great for commute when there is not enough seats on the train
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    Tessel Supply - JET PACK 2.0
    Check out the their antigravity backpack, it's on sale right now too for $40. The best backpack I've ever owned!
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    ClickPack Pro
    Anthony Da Mota
    Anthony Da MotaI upvote things that matter. · Written
    Their Kickstarter campaign just finished a week ago (but you can still preorder it!), but this one is awesome: 100% slash proof, anti theft system, scientific storage system... and much more 😄
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    Poo Emoji Button-Up Shirt

    One can never wear enough tiny, grinning piles of dung

    YanaI build my path with an export! · Written
    Carry the minimum required, and you can put your jacket on top over!