Chris BolzDeveloper

What are good agile retrospective tools?

I am looking for a simple to use tool to make agile retrospective meetings efficient, easy to organise and increase developer participation.
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    A new take on retrospectives for progressive teams

    Taylor CraneFounder @ Clubs Poker · Written
    Taylor Crane made this product
    Outro might be a great fit. It's purpose-designed just for retros and my favorite thing about it is how the whole team starts to look forward to the ritual each week. Of course, I'm pretty biased because I am the maker of Outro :). Let me know what you think!
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    Effective agile retrospectives for everyone 🤘

    Benjamin CotrelCo-Founder @ Neatro · Written
    Benjamin Cotrel made this product
    Hi, I'm the co-founder of this tool. We focused on user experience and simplicity and it would be awesome to have your feedback.
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    Metro Retro

    For productive, engaging and fun retrospectives

    I'm a co-founder of Metro Retro - it's a real-time team whiteboard but with tools for the retrospective process. It's entirely free right now, and used for thousands of retros a month.
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    Teamworki 2.0

    Build alignment & gauge team morale using Slack / MS Teams

    Diego von Sohsten made this product
    Teamworki lets you run Retrospectives integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams. And it's free! It also pushes reminders to everybody who was assigned an action item from a Retro. The boards are configurable and work great on mobile too. Learn more: