What do you use to display / analyze your startup metrics?

I'm looking for a simple way to visualize basic metrics (AARRR stuff) coming from multiple sources and possibly A/B tests.
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    Smartlook Qualitative Analytics

    Free user recording, heatmaps and analytics for sites & apps

    Lukas Mehnert
    Lukas MehnertB2B SaaS Marketer · Written
    With Smartlook you can connect your users with Analytics and get valuable insights how your product is working and where you have possibilities for optimization. Smartlook is getting you the best insights combining session recording, automatic event tracking, funnels, retrospective data and heatmaps.
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    The all-new Geckoboard

    TV dashboards that make your most important metrics visible

    Ben Lang
    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor · Written
    Geckoboard has some pretty sweet integrations, so if you're looking for a dashboard type display, it's perfect.
    Thomas Evans
    Thomas EvansCOO, EmailOctopus · Written
    We used this at Secret Escapes for all our dashboards. Definitely recommend.
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    Pro tools for SQL analysts

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    We use Periscope at Product Hunt to visualize our data. We have several dashboards for individual projects (e.g. we have a dashboard for Ask Product Hunt, reporting the number of requests/recommendations, most helpful users, and more) and teams (e.g. the Discovery team monitors specific metrics that match with our OKR's). You'll need to know SQL and be very familiar with your db structure to create dashboards so for my non-technical friends, Geckoboard or other WYSWYG tools might be a better fit.
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    Open source business intelligence - Installs in 5 minutes

    Michael Xander
    Michael XanderProduct Designer, mymorningroutine.com · Written
    Open source, quite robust and active development. Works like Periscope and Google Data Studio.
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    SQL School

    Data analysts training data analysts

    Mode is a powerful analytics platform that allows you to pull data from multiple sources and create beautiful dashboards.
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    Product Analytics and Innovation

    Gorkem Cetin
    Gorkem CetinProduct guy. Passionate maker & helper · Written
    Gorkem Cetin made this product
    Open source, on-prem installation options, analytics + marketing in one product, extensibility with plugins
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    Build vs. Buy Calculator

    Should you build an internal tool? Or just buy it?

    Maria Yelena Zalatova
    Maria Yelena ZalatovaMarketing consultant · Written
    Well it was built for startup reporting. :)
    Maria Yelena Zalatova
    Maria Yelena ZalatovaMarketing consultant · Written
    Well it was built for startup reporting. :)
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    Mixpanel's New Free Plan + Startup Perks

    The most powerful product analytics, for free

    Björn Antonissen
    Björn Antonissen🇳🇱 Freelance Designer & Developer · Written
    Mixpanel Dashboards.