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What are the best apps for NYC residents?

Hey PH Fam, I'm moving to NYC in a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for any NYC related apps.
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    How to move to New York - The Guide

    A step by step ebook for those wanting to move to New York

    This isn't an app as such but a pretty awesome looking guide for people moving to NYC
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    Transit App

    Get going with nearby routes

    Simon BrombergCTO @DashMD , sbromberg.com · Written
    Great support for MTA transit system
  3. Helps you communicate with members in your neighborhood as well as find cool events in the area.
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    Google Maps 4.0

    New material design brings bold graphics and fluid motion

    the transit is perfect for nyc. i dont have a need for any others.
  5. Best place to find apts in NYC