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Phil Toronto
Phil TorontoSVP, Special Projects

What are good products for creating/hosting a personal website?

I've used Tumblr in the past for its ability to easily display Instagram posts, text posts, etc as a main hub for personal content + the custom URL, but are there other (potentially better) options to check out?
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    I recently moved my personal site from Tumblr to Carrd. The templates are a lot nicer and it's really easy to set up and manage. You can use a custom URL if you upgrade to the Pro version.
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    Create beautiful websites and blogs easily

    Kyle Hess
    Kyle HessFintech Product Manager Β· Written
    Inexpensive ($8/mo, if you pay for a year... and you get your domain!), easy to use, always new features. I <3 it.
    Phil Haddad
    Phil HaddadSr. UX Designer @ Dick's Sporting Goods Β· Written
    I second Squarespace. IMO they do a great job of balancing ease of use with the ability to get in and customize things.
    Super easy to use
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    Revive Old Post

    Reviving Older Blog Post on Twitter (wordpress plugin)

    Wordpress is the most flexible platform available and it's built to scale. With a good theme, you can create something beautiful quickly and easily and it won't limit you from growth in the future.
    David West
    David WestProduct @ Nibble Apps Β· Written
    Totally advocate this. The problem with using alternative solutions is if they decide to change their pricing structure or worse still they drop the service, all of that content is a hassle to move. Wordpress is not going anywhere, even if it just takes a little longer to set-up!
    Conor Coyle
    Conor CoyleDigital Content Specialist Β· Written
    Can't recommend WordPress enough. When it comes to WordPress, the major cloud service providers Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the most reliable and scalable options to host your site. Try Google Cloud with WordPress free with Cloud With Me.
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    Simple Mobile Optimized Landing Page

    Ben Lang
    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor Β· Written
    Pretty simple to use and perfect for personal websites.
  5. 2
    Github Pages

    Every Github repo has a secret free website.

    Alexandre Mouriec
    Alexandre MouriecFull-Stack Engineer @Crisp Β· Written
    If you know how to code, Github is a really good hosting thanks to Github Pages . Since I discovered that, I uploaded my personal website and a project website there. You can even use your own domain.
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    Timesaving tools for designers, developers and marketers.

    Edvard Khondkaryan
    Edvard KhondkaryanManaging Partner at Designmodo Β· Written
    Edvard Khondkaryan made this product
    If you know basic HTML/CSS you can create really beautiful websites with Slides, also it's one time payment no subscription and you can use it to build unlimited websites.
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    Hyper 2

    The second generation of the Hyper terminal

    Lachlan Campbell
    Lachlan CampbellNYU β€˜23β€”Hack Club/Design+JSβ€”they/them 🌈 Β· Written
    Now provides instant deployments right from your command line that are super easy. I'm totally in love with the service, though it may cost too much for just a personal site.
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    Jordan Bowman
    Jordan BowmanπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» I make stuff for the web. Β· Written
    Jordan Bowman made this product
    Templates that are: πŸ“± Responsive ⚑️ Fast β˜€οΈ Distinctive design πŸ’° Pay-what-you-want πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» HTML/CSS πŸ“„ Openly licensed