What are some good products to build a great resume?

Need some good resumes and matter for my own resume. Please suggest and help
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    Create compelling eye-catching resumes

    Milan Chheda
    Milan ChhedaSoftware Developer · Written
    Its the BEST out there. Some really awesome templates and very professional.
    • Zach Snader
      Zach SnaderVC/PM | Citizen of the universe, c. 1991

      I love this product. The company.. not so much. Customer support is slow to respond, if they respond at all, and they only reach out with canned messages about very specific issues. I imagine competitors offering a better customer experience will knock Enhancv out of the market in the next 2-3 years.

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    Standard Resume

    One beautiful resume that works everywhere

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    If you don't want to be considered "yet another software guy", don't copy other resumes/matter/formats. My advice would be to look up LinkedIn Bios of people in your domain, write your resume in your own words and use Standard Resume to create a beautiful, unique and "this is ME" resume. Stand out, my friend. :)
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    cvlogin Online Resume (CV) Builder

    Create professional resumes online for free CV Maker

    Berk Aykol
    Berk AykolContent Manager, Cvlogin.com · Written
    Create professional resumes online for free in minutes, choose free resume formats
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    Veysel Aksak
    Veysel AksakTasit.com, Cvlogin.com · Written
    Free online CV builder, the best online CV templates to choose,
    Easy to customize. Completely free.
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    AI career service to help you land a dream job 🤖

    Nice service, good support team. As for me, their main perk is AI resume builder. I like the combination of progressive tech and professional assistance.
    Vad Sapozhnykov
    Vad SapozhnykovAI Marketing Manager 🤖 · Written
    Vad Sapozhnykov made this product
    Skillroads always strives for more
    Definitely suggest AI Resume Builder as one of the best tools powered by AI
    • Maya Momotok
      Maya MomotokCEO, WOW24-7

      I'm lucky to have used Skillroads to achieve my professional goal. Hooray!

      It's easy to use resume builder. I got my resume really fast and it was polished and redesigned just perfectly! Thank you for such a great tool for all the employers-to-be!

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    • Gala Pryhodko
      Gala PryhodkoStartup, Marketplaces

      Writing a catchy resume is the weak side for many people. Thank you to the whole crew that developed this website. It looks modern and you can choose from MANY services.

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    Build your job-winning resume in minutes

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetWorking on Qlearly.com · Written
    Stumble upon this one when they launched on Product Hunt. It seems quite interesting and well put together.
    James Gallagher
    James GallagherPublicly Traded Person, Founder · Written
    I have used this tool in the past and it works wonders. The simplicity of the UI coupled with the high magnitude of features including the ability to create Cover Letters and customize your resume to one of many templates is remarkable, and my first choice when writing a resume.
    I will keep it simple. I made a resume with this tool and got the job :)
    • Jérôme Mancini-Luciani
      Jérôme Mancini-LucianiProject Manager, WebRivage

      Hello team !

      Looks like you've bring something cool and new to HR.

      The tool is really simple to use, the onboarding is great. UI is also great.

      Once signed-up, I was really pleased to see that it wasn't only resume templates. Additional features like cover letters, sharing, application trackers are adding big value to the product.

      I might desert my beloved InDesign, because it will be easier for me to maintain and update my resume I guess.

      Even if I'm not looking for a job, I'd definitely comeback often to check how it is evolving and maybe use it for close friends or parents when it's needed.

    • this website has a great design. the ui/ux is really great. the team is really responsive, atleast the times I have occasionally come back to create a resume.

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    Design your resume in real time & download a print-ready PDF

    Fernando Pessagno
    Fernando PessagnoProduct UI/UX Designer · Written
    Fernando Pessagno made this product
    ResumeMaker.Online allows users to design their resume in real time & download a print-ready PDF. It is free and does not requiere signing-up. I hope you find it useful!
    Owen Far
    Owen FarMaster Web Development · Written
    This is definitely one of the best CV makers online. Really intuitive and easy to build and download your CV for free. Definitely a recommend.
    • Chris Brooks
      Chris BrooksFreelancer, Vervini

      This is a great way to build resumes. Beautiful UI with a beautiful output of the resume. I would love to see an option to save the resume though for later editing or even a simple JSON export/import so I can import at a later stage, edit and export again. Would also like to see the ability to add additional sections or just generic text areas. Very keen to see where this goes.

    • Joan Mershon
      Joan MershonLifeABILITY

      As a career coach of 20+ years, this is clearly better than having no resume. It also has one layout - which may or may not be the best one for you. For me the deal breakers is not being able to save and come back later to edit. Who wants to type all that in again and again and again. If you are handing out stock resumes directly to people (say at a job fair) then it may be a good deal.

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    Amazingly simple graphic design

    Sydney Leigh
    Sydney LeighLet's build something awesome together! · Written
    Canva has some super awesome Templates that can help you quickly roll out a high fidelity designed Resume and CV. And it's free!
    Ankur Kumar
    Ankur KumarLearner on daily basis · Written
    If you are looking at more than a simple plain cv, Canva gives you lot of free templates to create awesome and neat looking resumes.
    • Kristina Zagorulko
      Kristina ZagorulkoPR at StopAd, app explorer

      I am totally in love with Canva! For me it's the best graphic app I ever work with!

      Simple enough to quickly create pics for Facebook, twitter posts, featured images for my blog and emails. The powerful and full of tools enough to create even an infographic! Guys, you're so awesome, you help me to level up my skills as a content, SMM and PR manager. I don't need to wait for designer. I can create an illustration in 5 min! I work with Canva like 1 year or even more. With free version, but I want to try paid too. Thank you, guys!

    • Overall this tool is amazing for people who want to make quick nice content.

      Their templates are cool for inspiration and makes the whole progress easier.

      I cannot do everything but that's the beauty of it.

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    Resume Worded

    Handpicked lines from resumes won with top companies

    Rohan Mahtani
    Rohan MahtaniMade Resume Worded & Instamake · Written
    Rohan Mahtani made this product
    This site provides 3 key tools that you'll find super useful!: * Resume feedback via AI - upload your resume and the tool analyzes it and gives you feedback * Sample resume lines - sample lines you can copy/paste into your resume * Linkedin Review - feedback on your LinkedIn profile
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    Resume Worded 2.0

    AI-powered feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile

    Rohan Mahtani
    Rohan MahtaniMade Resume Worded & Instamake · Written
    Rohan Mahtani made this product
    Unlike all other products, Resume Worded focuses on the actual content of your resume. It analyzes your resume for issues and gives you detailed suggestions on how to increase its overall impact and success rate. In addition, you get sample resume lines from all industries, that you can use as inspiration for writing your own resume. Plus, you get a LinkedIn profile analysis too!
    • Anna Filou
      Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator

      I got value out of the free assessment very quickly. "Some of your bullet points end with periods and some don't." Damn, and I thought I was paying attention to detail! I totally missed that!

    • I've followed Rohan's progress through his postings to ProductHunt and am amazed at how far the product has come - from a list of short example phrases for resumes to a full blown analysis of an uploaded CV. Great work!

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    A better way to build resumes for web and print

    It's amazing. There are simple and beautiful templates.
    • Peter Mello
      Peter MelloManaging Partner, Lionheart Pathways

      So many gorgeous templates, some that turned my idea of what a resume could be on its head. Easily filled all the little details from my LinkedIn page, so all that was left was to conjure up those eloquent humble-brags that are the difference between getting hired and pounding the pavement.

    • Tim Holmgren
      Tim HolmgrenNewsmeister

      I thought it was great.

  11. Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    @novoresume The best CV/resume builder service | Special designed, fun and easy-to-use templates approved by HR experts .. The best way to experience novoresume is to just go use it starting with a template at https://novoresume.com/resume-te...
  12. Owen Far
    Owen FarMaster Web Development · Written
    My friend did this one, he helps you curate your own great CV for free :)
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    A better way to résumé

    MickFounder of SongBox.Rocks · Written
    It’s simply awesome!
  14. Arthur Brooks
    Arthur BrooksFounder at www.CodeSpaghetti.com · Written
    One of the best guides on CV writing
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    Etsy Local

    Find and support creative entrepreneurs, locally

    Kimberley Williams
    Kimberley WilliamsProduct Manager at Soldo · Written
    Etsy has tons of pretty affordable resume templates. The one I got helped me get my current job, and worked perfectly. Only spent £5 on it too!
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    Guided resumé builder with easy 1-click import

    Neil Chalk
    Neil ChalkProduct Manager, 15below · Written
    Neil Chalk made this product
    Hi, I'm one of the makers of Bashfully and we can help you create a great resume. Along with the online view and PDF export options, we also support the JSON Resume format, so that you can then also used the data in a variety of other tools if you don't like our templates. We have also got a cover letter tool coming along soon to help craft your story!
  17. Camp Olivia
    Camp OliviaLoving cool things in this world! · Written
    Edraw Max? It has some built-in resume templates, and you can easily input texts and change the different theme to make your resume more visually appealing. Once done your work, you can directly share on Linkedin, or export to Word, PPT and PDF etc. By the way, this software is also available to Mac and it doesn't require professional design skills or experiences. All can be done on the drag-and-drop user interface.
  18. Free Resume Builder with latest 50+ Resume templates suitable for various jobs in 2018. This is the first resume app with more resume formats. Very easy to use & you can create perfect professional resume in just few minutes.