What is the best reference / source gathering and citation tool for Mac?

Mendeley Desktop and Zotero are two apps that fit this criteria, but I'm wondering if there are any others that people use? The key points are a database library (hopefully along with an extension that takes webpage metadata and inserts it with the source info) and a citation tool that can give you the correct cite in multiple formats (e.g., Chicago, MPA, APA, Bluebook).
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  1. Nick AbouzeidMarketing @ MainStreet · Written
    Can't say it's more efficient than what you're already using, but I use easybib for all of my papers. Super efficient, manages all of the different citation formats, and will automatically pull (some) metadata from any linked websites/journals/etc. you might want to use!
  2. Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    This is what I have used a lot for academic projects. It opens up directly as a tool to automatically create website citations in the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing styles at the click of a button. You can copy-paste the citation into your project, or add it to your online bibliography for safe keeping until later. It also comes with a Google Chrome extension. Also available on iOS/Android.
  3. Giacomo LawranceAuthor of thenerdystudent.com · Written
    Really great tool - available on iOS too. Also has a MS Word plugin, which is super useful.
  4. Henrique MacedoDesign, code and rock'n'roll · Written
    Search across reference metadata, full text journal articles, file attachments, and your personal annotations and notes, to locate the research you need in just seconds and insert citations and references from your EndNote library into your manuscript and automatically build a bibliography in over 6.000 styles right from Word.