Ayrton De Craene
Ayrton De CraeneCode @ Clearbit

What apps make watching movies or TV shows a better experience?

I'm a huge fan of (binge) watching TV shows and I watch a movie every now and then. I'm looking for apps that make this experience better.
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    Find the right subtitles. Easy.

    Ayrton De Craene
    Ayrton De Craene18Code @ Clearbit · Written
    Recently I've discovered Caption, I love how easy the interface is, you just drag and drop your source files and it will automatically try to find matching subtitles.
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    Showgo 2.0

    Chat about the show you're watching

    Bubba Fish
    Bubba FishFounder of Showgo, social tv platform · Written
    Bubba Fish made this product
    You mentioned you were binging so I would try Showgo. It's the antidote to lonely TV watching. Chat with a community of fans while you watch the show, even if you're not watching live. It's like live-tweeting but each comment is timed to your episode. So you feel like you're watching with other people, even if you're binging it later. And it keeps you in sync with your show seamlessly.... just by listening! 👂