Jesse MiddletonVC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.

What's the best product to help with creating and editing content?

Thinking about products like Wonder but where there's an editorial edge that helps to create the basis for a piece of content. Mostly to be used when crafting blog posts, Medium posts, email newsletters, etc... Looking for a network of content creators who can help to write/edit as well, possibly.
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    Hemingway Editor 3.0

    Make your writing bold and clear, send to Medium/Wordpress

    It makes it much easier for your readers to understand your writing.
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    GitHub for writing

    Ryan Hoover78Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Draft is a fantastic tool for collaboration. Share your writing privately with a friend and they can directly suggest edits which appear as diffs (you can visualize what they removed or added as you do in GitHub). It's helped me become a better writer. You can also pay professional copy editors to review your writing, directly from the web app.
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    Content marketing platform to streamline content management

    Gustavo CanovaFinance, Contentools · Written
    Best way to manage your content marketing strategy
    A great content marketing platform to plan, schedule, distribute and analyze content production.
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    My favorite writing tool

    Kyle Hess5Fintech Product Manager · Written
    Not sure if this is what you're looking for... but Scrivener is great for research/composing. I've never used it for sharing content... but I really like it for longer projects.
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    A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose

    Jason CoudrietDesign Leader, @blackboard @troweprice · Written
    A beafutifually, elegant interface with markdown and a solid sync for tablet, phone and desktop. I use for writing, notes and research.
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    Social Media Editorial Calendar for WordPress

    Melissa MonteDirector of Media & Startup Growth · Written
    This is a combination content manager and social media scheduler. It's a hub built for scale and ensures a repeatable process for optimization exposure to every piece of content you create.
  7. David SingerProduct person · Written
    Every time I try and move away from this, I get pulled back in. I have features that I'd love baked in, and a cleaner interface/UX I'd love to see. But a few things get me back here. You mentioned a "network" of creators, and everyone I know has a Google account. So friction is removed there. There's versioning and commenting. Everything else, despite how much I want it, becomes secondary when I'm working with others.