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What's the best Pomodoro Timer for iOS and Mac with sync and stats?

I need to get some studying done.
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    Pomodoro Time

    Simple Pomodoro timer in your Mac's menu bar

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I love Be Focused / Pomodoro Time. It's simple and has an iPhone + iPad app in addition to the Mac menu bar app.
    • André
      AndréUX/UI Enthusiast | in ❤️ w/ innovation

      I love the idea that you can choose the task you wanna work on and when it's done, you know the time you spent on it.

  2. 8

    insanely simple free time tracking

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal28bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Pomodoro timer with tracking, reporting and other powerful sets of features. You can add a chrome extension for web and directly enable Pomodoro mode from the Toggl extension. Available on iOS/Android/Mac/Windows, everywhere.
    • Eduard Doloc
      Eduard DolocFront-End Programmer

      The product is great, it's flexible, dynamic, you can use it on almost any device (as app, not just web), but the pricing is pretty bad, I mean there is alot of cool features, but paying more for a user than the user's email hosting (google) is not ok.

  3. 5

    Daily planner & focus timer based on timeboxing and pomodoro

    FocusList is an iOS pomodoro app that has been around for a long-time. It's been through some name changes. But it is mature.
  4. 9

    User-friendly timetracker for freelancers and teams

    I advise you to try TMetric, this tool is a perfect solution for tracking working activity, it provides you with detailed reports, so you can analyze your productivity.
    • We have used it for 6 month, we were looking for a tool to increase the efficacy of our time tracking and productivity, and TMetric turned out to be perfect! It's ingrained in our daily routine now. Highly recommended!

    • I am glad to share my personal opinion about TMetric - time tracker for Linux.

      TMetric helps you to be more productive and manage your tasks and time. When I started to use TMetric I have noticed that I became more productive at work as I know how much time I spend for each task and I managed to reduce the waste of time.

  5. Adolfo™
    Adolfo™Senior Developer · Written
    Adolfo™ made this product
    Great interface, Reports like never before, and features that other apps doen't provide.
  6. Allows you to easily add any sites you'd like to block during your focused period -- 5-minute cooldown also built in. The only way to disable to the lockout is to uninstall the extension completely. So far so good!
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    Pomo Timer

    A menu bar app to boost productivity

    Max Gribov
    Max GribovProgrammer & Designer · Written
    Max Gribov made this product
    I made a timer for myself because I couldn't find a suitable one.