Ryzal Yusoff
Ryzal YusoffFounder of Veggsocial

What is your favourite knowledge base app?

Which online tools you guys use to make knowledge base or FAQs for your products?
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    If you are looking for an internal private knowledge base for your team, it's a great option! Super easy to edit and navigate.
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    • Philipp Seybold
      Philipp SeyboldCo-Founder & CEO @ combyne

      Excellent product which is on the right track. In my view the pricing is too high for this stage with 5 Euro/user/ month. G Suite costs 4 euro for it's vast service portfolio. For us a price point at 1 or 2 Euro would feel comfortable.

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    • Nuclino definitely deserves to be as popular as Slack and Trello. Like Slack and Trello, Nuclino focuses on one task and does a brilliant job at it. I really hope this stays actively maintained!

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    Software for better customer service.

    Ureeda Asim
    Ureeda AsimContent Creator · Written
    I have used this product for about 4 months. Zendesk is incredibly useful and easy to use. We integrated it with intercom. It greatly helped our users to get the answers to their questions on spot, in case our support representatives were unavailable. Definitely go for it!
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    Ryzal Yusoff
    Ryzal YusoffFounder of Veggsocial · Written
    Haven't use this, but it seems that this is a very popular choice as well
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    An (artificially) intelligent assistant for your workplace

    Checkout Zuzu, It helps you manage and deliver knowledge to your team using chrome extension and hangouts chatbot. They have open APIs so the knowledge can be also embedded into your own website with ease.
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    The note app for teams

    Laure Albouy made this product
    An easy way to share knowledge with your team :)
    • Benjamin Pipat
      Benjamin PipatCTO @ Seelk

      We've been using Slite for a few months and it finally solved our long research for the perfect knowledge sharing app :)

      The adoption by our team was impressive, and Slite makes our knowledge management a breeze

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    • Luc Chaissac
      Luc ChaissacDesigner

      We've been using Slite for few months, and we can't be more happy. Best benefit is that it's a perfect way to improve transparency inside our team and to onboard new teammates!

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    Intercom Educate

    What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent

    Ryzal Yusoff
    Ryzal YusoffFounder of Veggsocial · Written
    Intercom is great and intelligent tool, but I think the price is a bit too steep, especially for indiemakers
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    I think Intercom Educate is a good choice.
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    Notion 2.3

    Notions big update, now with Evernote import and web clipper

    Vlad Arbatov
    Vlad ArbatovCEO @ arb.digital · Written
    This is good for an internal knowledge base and for much more other things :)
    • Jason Ephraim
      Jason EphraimCampus Director DigitalCrafts Houston

      Here is a scenario - you want to plan a trip to vegas. So, you create a new Notion page for it and add a table, list, or Kanban board to keep track of tasks and start planning what you need to do beforehand like "check airfare rates', etc. You also start clipping in hotel pictures and links to their sites...you get the idea. Sounds great.

      But, if I use it this way (new section for each project or subject) I might have a dozen other sections and pages in Notion with other tasks or to-do's that I need to keep track of.

      The bad news is that as it stands now, I'd have to go hunting and know-to-look for these open items. There is no way to search across separate tables/lists/boards. Same with To-do items. Now, you can create a page with linked lists that are filtered. However, you'd have to add a new linked list on this page for any one you create elsewhere in Notion.

      I can't wait for them to add this task management feature - I'll switch in a heartbeat.

    • There might be nothing like Notion, easy to use, an enjoyment for every readers and writers. The fact that it has a lot of useful possibilities is incredible but it's making me ask if it's necessary or when will it be able to be as good as other apps. It's a wonderful replacement to Evernote, Onenote or Simplenote but not yet for TickTick, Ora.pm or Trello. Let's hope the best for them.

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    Zoho Desk

    Context-aware help desk software for better customer service

    Chinmayee Mishra
    Chinmayee MishraCommunity Specialist @ Zoho · Written
    Zoho Desk would be a good option too, here's why: Help Center — A multi-brand help center that helps your customers find answers without having to wait for them from the support team. You can customize it to your liking and host: - A knowledgable base that’s searchable so your customers can get instant help. - An online community where your customers can engage in discussion with your team and with each other. ASAP for Zoho Desk is also a great option to bring your knowledge center to your customers. You can easily embed your entire help desk in your app, so your customers never have to run around looking for answers. They can browse your knowledge base, engage with your community, chat with your conversational assistant (Ask Zia), or raise a ticket, right from within your app.
    • Elias Rocha
      Elias RochaCS Supervisor

      Excellent tool for Help Desk, many more options than the old app and easy to use.

      It Would be great if Desk could have a connection to open ZOHO CRM Potentials from tickets and able to relate to agent, account, contact.

  8. I would recommend using Agile CRM's Knowledge Base app. I found the content rating feature of the product quite useful. This excellent option helps your customers to rate the content that they are reading. It helps provide an interactive user experience while educating your customers about the product or service. But that's not all. This knowledge base app offers other important features such as keyword search, using custom domains, increasing support quality etc. Try Agile CRM which is completely free for 10 users.
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    Generate a beautiful FAQ & help site in minutes.

    Ryzal Yusoff
    Ryzal YusoffFounder of Veggsocial · Written
    Simple and minimal design, but yet customizable if upgrade to a PRO plan
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    Obie.ai 2.0

    Access knowledge quicker without leaving Slack

    Kemal Ahmed
    Kemal AhmedCEO, (coming soon!) · Written
    Really good as internal knowledge base because it integrates with slack directly and uses smart tech to crawl things like Google drive
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    Everything you need to deliver exceptional customer support.

    Shawn Dot Scott
    Shawn Dot ScottDigital Health CTO · Written
    Easy to get up and running fast at minimal cost.
    • It's the best software for customer support that I have ever used. Also, I like its integration with TMetric, it allows me to track how much time was spent on the overall activity in Freshdesk.

    • My teams been using this for over a month and they love it. It's increased visibility on production and helped us get a handle on customer satisfaction per ticket.

  12. Camp Olivia
    Camp OliviaLoving cool things in this world! · Written
    I'm a fan of mind mapping and love to explore new tools in this field. Recently, I found Edraw MindMaster has introduced a built-in online mind mapping community, which includes many free editable mind maps in a wide range of subjects (business, technology and more).
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    The easiest way to create FAQ pages for your company

    Ryan Gilbert
    Ryan GilbertMaking FAQ Pages easy @askfrequently · Written
    Ryan Gilbert made this product
    A no-frills way to get a FAQ page set up in minutes. 100% free.
  14. Its_peter_dayal
    Its_peter_dayalIts peter dayal here, Love to meet you. · Written
    this is excellent site. i love it and useful application.
  15. Ravi Paliwal
    Ravi PaliwalDirector Walkover · Written
    Ravi Paliwal made this product
    You can use Kiss for Knowledgebase and also for few other work, it's easy as mac notes. And Super powerful search option make it more useful app.
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    Collaborative notes for you and your team

    Travis R
    Travis RFounder living in Los Angeles · Written
    Dead simple and great!
    • Bubba Murarka
      Bubba MurarkaMobile VC

      I’ve been using Notejoy since it’s early MVP to collaborate with a friend on a project. It has been fantastic and made Is more productive. Even better is that the founders are super responsive to questions and feedback. This is a true labor of love for them and it shows!

    • Loren Appin
      Loren AppinVP of Growth, Pixable

      We've been using Notejoy for the past few months at my company and we couldn't be happier. It's the perfect mix of light-weight notes and a powerful document editor with great support for teams.

      Once I started using it, I found myself pasting thoughts in there right away. The search is way better and my docs are more organized and findable for the entire team. I put things in Notejoy that used to get lost in Google Docs or Slack, because this way I know I can get back to it. In our team, we use it to manage everything from to-do lists, place to store research and other things I just don't want to lose, and it's become a great place for us to work together!

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    YouTube TV

    YouTube takes on the cable TV providers

    Amit Gupta
    Amit GuptaDesign and Development Expert · Written
    We can learn everything that we want just after typing a few words with long ads anytime.