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    A fast and easy way to hire software engineers

    I'd recommend you to check YouTeam if you're looking for software developers. It's an alternative to freelancers, but also a platform for finding remote developers. All you have to do is simply search for a technology, browse available profiles, book interviews with desired specialists and meet their agencies in a matter of minutes. You benefit from the vetting a reputable agency provides and the fact that YouTeam takes payment and handles any disputes. For the agency worker themselves, they arguably get a reliable and potentially more interesting stream of work without a hassle.
    • Yuliana  Oselska
      Yuliana OselskaAddicted to big and meaningful changes

      The platform approach enables really faster and easier to find outsourced contractors - both a single engineer or the whole development team.

      What's important, these engineers are not freelancers, they work for real software development companies. The point is that, on the one hand, these companies want to make sure their engineers are fully engaged at decent projects. On the other hand, the clients don't need to spend time and cost for due-diligence and pre-vetting process.

      This is exactly what YouTeam is aimed at - to match both sides on one marketplace.

    • Tristan Senycia
      Tristan SenyciaProduct Manager 4 YouTeam

      Differences between YouTeam & UpWork.

      YouTeam has been designed to provide you the opportunity to rent talented engineers who work full-time within remote companies.

      UpWork on the other hand has been optimised as a freelancer portal. Whilst companies do appear on the site through an option called ‘Agency Freelancing’, the hiring processes don’t really suit hiring from agencies. But why is that?

      The next three points will explain how YouTeam is different from Upwork and demonstrate features which optimise the process of renting talent from within remote companies.


      YouTeam thoroughly pre-vets companies before admitting them to the platform,

      Upwork doesn’t run through this process, instead the onus is you to do your own due-diligence

      The Hiring / Renting Process is different between the two platforms, in a nutshell:

      YouTeam uses the booking paradigm (similar to or Airbnb)

      Whereas, UpWork has a process similar to Social Networks where you can reach out to everyone

      Which leads us to the fourth main difference which is engagement model:

      Upwork uses the Standard freelancing model - which means freelancers hired through UpWork tend to be working across multiple projects.

      YouTeam on the other hand usually assigns full-time dedicated resources. In this way engineers aren't constantly switching between different projects.

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    Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal28bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Freelancers across digital verticals.
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    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

    Beth Hudson
    Beth Hudson4Social Media Marketer, Recruitee · Written
    Hiring is difficult and unorganized enough. Adding outsourcing and remote freelancers into the mix calls for even more attention to detail and customization in the hiring process. For that reason, I recommended Recruitee, an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that I work with and also happen to highly suggest for any company! Recruiters, employment agencies, and employers small and large can benefit from using hiring software. Especially with remote employees, a solid ATS will need to allow for unlimited (aka FREE) collaboration between employees during the whole hiring process. Recruitee has access-based roles, so if you don't want some team members to see certain aspects, they don't have to! You can keep all of your remote candidates or even potential future candidates in active jobs or talent pools for later outreach. It'll be much more organized, especially with the added feature of being able to add team notes and tags. This way, you won't forget what stage a candidate is in, how you feel about their work ethic, skills, personality, and more. Here's a free trial you can sign up for if you're interested! Plus, there are tons of resources on the blog (, including an announcement for the mobile app and a list of the best job boards to find software engineers. It's really an all-in-one package. Hope this helps!
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    Design Inc 2.0

    Simplest way to hire the best creatives for your project

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I found 5 awesome designers in under 2 hours after submitting my branding project on Design Inc. If you are looking for a designer, this is the best community to get a freelancer and go fast!
  5. Kumar Louhit
    Kumar LouhitFounder, Spontie, Inc · Written
    Very cool place to find quality freelancers. I have been using it for my lean startup team and have gotten so much work done. Better alternative to fiverr.
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    Get your WordPress tasks done

    Nikola Vejin
    Nikola VejinWeb Developer / WordPress Certified · Written
    Quality first! If you're looking for really high-end WordPress work, this is it. Each of 275+ skilled WordPress experts on Codeable have gone through a rigorous testing process.
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    Marketplace of dev/design talent where talent picks work.

    Ivan Mir
    Ivan Mir4maker of Qbserve time tracking app · Written
    For designers I can't recommend Crew enough because it's too hard to find skilled designers on other popular platforms.
  8. Palak Patel
    Palak PatelWebsite and Mobile Application Developer · Written
    I am a very good website and mobile application develoepr having a great command over wordpress , woocommerce, PHP, IOS, Androis
  9. One day I had to find some developers for my project. Now there's such a big choice of companies offering outsourced dedicated teams. And before choosing a company I've done a great work! I didn't. want to work with Indian devs. I've studied that the best devs are in Eastern Europe. So I've chosen . They're great guys! No time delays, good rates. Highly recommend them!