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Ben TerryPartner, Access Ventures

What are some of the best apps for nonprofits?

I'm looking for some of the best apps and software nonprofits and provide a nice discount for nonprofits to use in their organizations.
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    1Password for Teams

    Securely share secrets + info within your team

    Jason HeydaschSQL Server DBA Β· Written
    1Password offers a great, 50% discount for non-profits (and educational institutions). I love it and highly recommend it.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    A user-friendly tool that will help nonprofits with building relationships with clients, and keeping on top of everything. Can definitely recommend.
  3. Britain GreenFront-end Developer, Iluminere Β· Written
    TechSoup is a platform built for nonprofits. They partner with companies to release free, or discounted software and services.
    A_SkySearch & find the best Β· Written
    We got a lot of great things thanks to them ! you have a one time licence with Box.com for around 110$ I think for 10 users sharing 100gb all together.
  4. Srebalaji ThirumalaiMade in India. Startup enthusiast. Coder Β· Written
    Mail for good helps you to send emails in an affordable way, It uses AWS Simple Email Service to send emails. And its build for nonprofits in mind.
    Quinn ComendantSRE, Strangecode LLC Β· Written
    OSS mail campaign tool!
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    A better way for teams to manage & share files, links & more

    Katarina WajdaBlogger @ Innerpieces.blog Β· Written
    Katarina Wajda made this product
    Hi Ben, Non-profits are especially fond of our product (just to name a few: Waterkeeper Alliance, Partners In School Innovation, Children's Literacy Initiative, TrickleUp, Down Syndrome Affiliates In Action). We offer special discounts specifically for non-profits who choose to upgrade from our free version. Hope this helps! :)
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    A WordPress plugin for easily collecting online donations

    Amjad AliProduct Manager Β· Edited
    Message me to learn how you can get an average credit card processing rate of 1.75% + $0.30 per transaction.
  7. Jason HeydaschSQL Server DBA Β· Written
    Microsoft has always offered great discounts for (most kinds of) non-profits and Office 365 is no different. Entry level plans that include the full Office desktop suite start at $2/mo/user. The best plan is (currently) Office 365 E3 at $4.50/mo/user. You get so much with that package. They also offer a 'donation' plan for up to 300 users. That one's completely free and includes email and online versions of Word/Excel/etc. Great offering. https://products.office.com/en-u...
  8. FerminRPGrowth Hacker Β· Written
    All the information and documents you need for your everyday tasks
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    7 most important website widgets in a single app πŸ‘Š

    Ksenia BorisovaGetSiteControl, Content & Communications Β· Written
    Ksenia Borisova made this product
    GetSiteControl website tools are not specifically for nonprofits, they are for any websites or blogs, but we offer nonprofit organizations completely free access to our paid subscription plan. Most nonprofit organizations have a website these days. With GetSiteControl they can get all sorts of useful engagement tools free of charge: online surveys, contact forms, email lead forms, live chats, promotional popups, etc.
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    Paperform v2

    Make beautiful forms in minutes

    Clarence GarrisonJava Software Engineer Β· Written
    I know Paperform have a special pricing plan for non-profits.
  11. Ben TerryPartner, Access Ventures Β· Edited
    Here's one example that I'm familiar with, which is basically the Salesforce but catered specifically for nonprofits to help them build better relationships with funders and volunteers.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    FerminRPGrowth Hacker Β· Written
    Organize all your projects together
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Ben TerryPartner, Access Ventures Β· Written
    Slack is a great tool for communication and they offer a 85% discount on the Standard plan.
  14. Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer. Β· Written
    If you're looking for a powerful yet easy to use solution for documents, spreadsheets and presentations, Google Docs is the best. And it's free!
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    Buffer for Instagram

    Plan, track, and analyze your Instagram marketing

    Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer. Β· Written
    Buffer makes setting up Social Media posts easy! It works with all major social networks, and is free with some limitations. I'm not sure if they have a specific plan for nonprofits, but no harm in checking with the team. They are super helpful.
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  16. Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen Β· Written
    I've started to see several NFP projects leveraging Patreon lately. Good for building an engaged donor base.
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    Airtable 2.0

    Beyond the spreadsheet

    A_SkySearch & find the best Β· Written
    They offer one table for free !
  18. Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen Β· Written
    I think Kumu is one of the most versatile and useful tools for NGOs that want to map and visualise networks, theories of change, systems dynamics and more.
  19. Free for Non profits with 501(c) status for upto 3000 users, or on 66% discount for more than 3k users.
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  20. Quinn ComendantSRE, Strangecode LLC Β· Written
    Impressively comprehensive business management software includes: CRM, email campaigns, memberships, online store, digital downloads, meeting management, finances, fine mananger, and more. Free up to 500 contacts.