Kim Døfler
Kim DøflerEntrepreneur and tech lover

What is the best tool/extension for automation in Google Chrome

I am not thinking in terms of code like Nightmare.js or CasperJS. I would like to know about an extension that can record some actions I take and the replay them, preferably with the option to tweak some selectors if needed.
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    Save 95% memory by converting all your open tabs into a list

    Patrick Loonstra
    Patrick LoonstraDesigner at · Written
    Open tabs in Chrome can drain the battery. So postponing the tabs is essentials when you work a lot in the browser.
    • M Dorsett
      M DorsettWriter on the hunt 24/7

      I wish that I could create groups of tabs. If I have a group of tabs that are all related to one subject, I want to group them together within the onetab list.

    • Vedran Rasic
      Vedran RasicCreator @ |

      I used is for well over 1y and it's OneTab that I always keep opened. Whenever I let loose browsing and I know I have to get back to my focus - right click and move to one-tab for later. Thanks OT team for making this amazing tool.