Favorite tool to organise design inspiration?

Hello! I usually bump into beautiful things on the internet (websites, photography, icons ...) but I have no way of saving them then finding them back in a fast, easy, beautiful way. How do you save and organize your daily design inspiration ? Tab managers ? Bookmarks ? Pinterest ? Dedicated apps ? thanks!
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  1. Morten ChristoffersenVP Product @ Kahoot! · Written
    After having tried a bunch of different solutions for this exact use case, I most recently settled on Raindrop. It has a great interface, and works really well as an all-in-one solution for saving both regular bookmarks and things like photos, videos, screenshots, etc. They have a free plan so you can check it out and see if it works for you.
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    Cordell YeeUI/UX, Product designer // @mappifyco · Written
    Love using Raindrop for moodboards and inspiration. It's pretty versatile handling photos online or uploaded and has options to organize and resize them. You can create Collections for different projects. They also have a nifty chrome extension so you can just right click images to send them straight to a collection!
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    Boards by InVision

    Design collaboration reimagined

    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    I use Boards by InVision for collaborating with people on moodboards. It's simple and a lot of people have InVision already. You could certainly use it for yourself. You'd just have to save the pictures/screenshots first.