Greg Moore
Greg Moore

What tools do you use to collect, organize, and visualize product feedback?

Organizing product feedback from users, sales, marketing, and CS leads to having notes in a million different places. I'm curious if there's a tool that helps collect everything in one place, makes it easy to organize, and visual represents what you've collected.
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    Quip 3.0

    Work with people, not files. Now with spreadsheets.

    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike Coutermarsh74Code @ GitHub Β· Written
    We've been using Quip to organize and prioritize feedback. We'll have a meeting, share data from various sources. Then put the things that stick out in a Quip doc & prioritize it. Works well for us because we're a remote team and everyone can make edits at the same time.
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

      Quip enhances the idea of Google Docs with more advanced collaboration functions which is great if you are looking for one place to work and communicate with your team on documents.

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    HotJar Insights

    See how visitors are really using your website.

    Natu Myers
    Natu MyersCEO Innovator.Supply Β· Β· Written
    The defacto product to help me get in the heads of my users
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    Feedback emoji and reactions tool

    Maybe the fastest way to collect feedback in an easy and fun way
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    The place where better product decisions happen

    Sofia Quintero
    Sofia QuinteroFounder and CEO NomNom Β· Written
    Sofia Quintero made this product
    NomNom in a Customer feedback management for product teams - When your team wants to centralize all customer feedback, discover customer problems, do research for a new feature, collect evidence for your next sprint planning, share user research findings and more, NomNom has your back πŸ‘
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    The end of long and boring surveys - collect real feedback πŸ†

    BaptisteCo-Founder of Feedier -- πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Entrepreneur Β· Written
    Baptiste made this product
    Because it's an amazing product :)
    • Ernesto Cohnen
      Ernesto CohnenCo-Founder,

      An amazing team and product.

      We are integrating the same in our current feedback flow.

      It's great to see some real alternatives to Typeform and GForms.

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    • Have been using for a couple months and love Feedier. It's a beautiful way to request feedback from your customers. It also can be used as a lead magnet/content upgrade delivery system in exchange for feedback and it makes in insanely easy to offer incentive to your feedback request. For me at least, this used to require hacking together multiple system.

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