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Is there a platform that connects designers/developers with people who have great ideas?

If I have a great idea that has a high chance of success if executed properly, my options are to design and develop everything myself (website, app, etc..), hire someone to do them for me, or to find an investor who will pay me for a share, isn't there a place where my idea wouldn't be stolen and I can find someone who would create it for me for a share?
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    Meet 250,000+ entrepreneurs online

    SynapSynap Software Labs · Written
    CoFoundersLab is a platform that allows you to search for people who can complement your skillset/business plan. While it simply facilitates the connection, you can have anyone you contact sign an NDA before disclosing details.
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    Build a fully functional web app without any code

    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Lately, I've been advocating Bubble a lot and it deserves it. I exactly went through the loop of finding a cofounder/hiring people to create website/app for me and then I found Bubble/Sketch/Webflow and many more to do everything by myself. The good thing is (in case you wanna give it a shot), you'll find an absolutely eager-to-help community and hire/work with freelancers, Bubble partners to build things for you in the time unimaginable. Now, this may sound like an overused phrase but I really go by @stef - "Ideas are a dime-a-dozen, and really, given how hard it is to take an idea and turn it into something, a product, a business, a project, the likelihood that someone is going to think “gosh, what a great idea, I’ll steal that” and turn it into something successful is vanishingly small."
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    Build It With Me

    Connecting you with like-minded designers & developers

    Britain GreenFront-end Developer, Iluminere · Written
    It's not a completely dead site and could definitely use more traffic.