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What's the best Forklift alternative for Mac OS?

I've been using Forklift but it has a lot of things that drive me crazy. Are there any alternative apps with similar functionality (dual-pane, sftp access, tabs)?
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    Transmit 5
    Lachlan CampbellNYU ‘23—Hack Club/Design+JS—they/them 🌈 · Written
    Transmit has been around forever, but was recently totally rebuilt and redesigned. You can add dozens of different servers and services for file transfer, but also manage files on your computer. It has a dual-pane design where you can drag files between folders, even across services, and syncs to an iOS app.
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    James GillCEO, GoSquared · Written
    I've been a Transmit customer for years and have been a fan ever since. Panic are an exceptional company and are truly passionate about building ridiculously good software. If you're looking for a great FTP client that can also handle a bunch of other services like S3, look no further than Transmit - it's the best $45 you can spend in this category.
    Jon BjornnMarketing, Movies, Oreos · Written
    100% agree with James - can't say enough good things about Panic. If I had to choose between two apps with identical features, and the Panic-produced one was $20 or even $30 more, I'd do it. Worth it for the extra care they put into everything.
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    I like that it supports FTP and FTPS. You can export preferences.