Do you know of a fully automated transcription service?

Sometimes I don't need 100% accuracy. I just need to have a long audio file transcribed cheaply and fast so I could review what's in it.
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    Transcription: $1/min, 99% accuracy, and FAST

    Gregor NobisFull time product enthusiast · Written
    Not sure what you mean by "fully automated", "cheaply", "and fast" - but Rev is a pretty good option.
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    Jamie SutherlandCo-Founder & CEO of Sonix · Written
    Jamie Sutherland made this product
    Sonix might work for you. It's completely automated and can return a transcript in less time than the length of the recording (eg. 30 minute file will take less than 30 minutes). Because it's completely automated, it is not 100% perfect but can get pretty close with a clear, crisp audio file. Price = $8 per hour of transcription Upload a file to Sonix and you will receive an email notifying you that your transcription is finished. The email will include a link to the transcription. The transcript includes timestamps, highlighting, and editing functionality built right into the transcript. You can then share it or export to many formats as you wish.