Do you know of a fully automated transcription service?

Sometimes I don't need 100% accuracy. I just need to have a long audio file transcribed cheaply and fast so I could review what's in it.
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  1. Anything less than $1/minute is great!
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  2. Benjamin PowellProduct manager & Co-Founder · Written
    The speech to text feature is pretty advanced. Pro tip is to have your audio file in one window and the doc in and other and it will transcribe an audio file pretty well
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    Transcription: $1/min, 99% accuracy, and FAST

    Gregor NobisFull time product enthusiast · Written
    Not sure what you mean by "fully automated", "cheaply", "and fast" - but Rev is a pretty good option.
  4. Cordell YeeUI/UX, Product designer // @mappifyco · Written
    If you need timestamps or an actual .srt subtitle file, you can upload the video w/audio and let Youtube automatically transcribe it (you can upload an unlisted/private video so it's not findable). After a few minutes you can download the entire subtitle file with the text in it. Free and fast with decent accuracy!
  5. Jamie SutherlandCo-Founder & CEO of Sonix · Written
    Jamie Sutherland made this product
    Sonix might work for you. It's completely automated and can return a transcript in less time than the length of the recording (eg. 30 minute file will take less than 30 minutes). Because it's completely automated, it is not 100% perfect but can get pretty close with a clear, crisp audio file. Price = $8 per hour of transcription Upload a file to Sonix and you will receive an email notifying you that your transcription is finished. The email will include a link to the transcription. The transcript includes timestamps, highlighting, and editing functionality built right into the transcript. You can then share it or export to many formats as you wish.