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What is a simple collaborative online whiteboard?

I am looking for something that allows two or more people to collaborate on ideas. Ideally, something that doesn't require a signup. Something where you can easily share a link with new people. I am not looking for a full kitchen sink, just basic drawing features. Maybe with some pre-defined shapes like a box, circle, and triangles. Thanks!
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    Dionis Loire made this product
    You can map out your ideas, tasks, and notes using the Mind Map view or Org Chart view in Taskade. It is simple and real-time, and feels like writing in the same virtual office.
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    RealtimeBoard 2.0 (Miro since 2019)

    Web-based whiteboarding & team collaboration tool

    RealtimeBoard 2.0 can also be a good fit: simple as Sketch, but collaborative as Google Docs. Check it out here at Product Hunt! I talked to many Designers using this tool and what they really like 😍 is that it's incredibly simple to share and dicuss your work with clients💰 and developers🔧, because boards can be commented and viewed without signup🎉. Although for editing purposes personal account is required.
    Alexandru BleauProduct @trivago · Written
    I also stand by Realtimeboard. Great for visualizing just about anything, collaborating with your team, knowledge sharing.
    RealTimeBoard is incredibly polished, there is a very high level of maturity, everything seems to just work. It's fast and versatile and full of neat features like the ability to copy and paste a bunch of spreadsheet cells to get as many stickies on the virtual whiteboard in one stroke.
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    Shared whiteboard for remote teams.

    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Deekit might be a good fit. If you want to spend a lot of money and get the kitchen sink, there's also Google's Jamboard but that's probably overkill. 😊
  4. One person would need a Google account, but you could set up a Google Drawing which has the simple features you wanted.
    Sumant USCo-founder and Product Lead @Marax AI · Written
    I have used Google Drawing to run Remote design sprints and it works like a charm!
  5. Ayush Mittal29Head Of Digital Communications · Written
    Twiddla is a setup-free, web-based “meeting playground”. Just click on "Start a new meeting" to get started. You don't have to log in and the pre-defined basic shapes like a box, circle, and triangles are available. Share the URL with the team and they'll be able to join.
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    Online whiteboard for visual collaboration

    Not quite sure how Mural hadn't already been suggested. The original online whiteboard, with a host of templates to get started with.
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    Explain Everything Online Whiteboard

    Interactive online whiteboard with voice chat and recording

    Great for a simple free Online Whiteboard experience, but also includes incredibly rich feature set. You can collaborate from the Online Whiteboard to their whiteboard apps as well. The free version has some limits on exported recording times and projects saved, but still allows for quite a lot.
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    Online brainstorming on a realtime sticky note whiteboard.

    A great way to run all your whiteboard meetings from design to project planning to brainstorming to prioritization. Stormboard makes it easy for remote teams to collaborate.
  9. WBO is a very simple online whiteboard. No sign-up, no download: you just open a board and start drawing, and share the URL if you want some one to join your board and start drawing with you in real time. It's not only free, it's also open source, and you can deploy it to your own servers for free. The code is hosted at https://github.com/lovasoa/white...