A WiFi-connected robot vacuum by iRobot

AustinFounder, Layman Lab · Written
I'll never not have one of these. I love my Roomba. I even knocked down some walls to install pocket doors and extended my couch feet to make my apartment "roomba-ready". Side note, as much as I love my Roomba, I think the company has rested on their laurels too long and risks getting knocked from their comfy market leader position because they haven't truly innovated in years. The nav tech is still "dumb", the WiFi/App enabled/touch screen "innovations" are fluff, and they haven't addressed any real issues (e.g. airflow, suction, ease of cleaning the unit). And don't even get me started on their floor mopping missteps. Dyson is going to crush it as soon as they normalize their price, and create a lower profile unit.