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What is a good solution for sending text messages later, at a pre-set date/time?

Does a tool like Boomerang does for Gmail, with "Send Later" functionality exist for texting? Potential use cases could include helping one 'pre-schedule' a "Happy Birthday!" text so as to ensure one doesn't forget. And to do so without having to set a reminder to take action day-of. Thanks! *And for all you marketers & growth hackers, even though as a consumer I'd probably prefer it not be used this way, this hypothetical tool could probably also be used for SMS/MMS drip campaigns
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    Schedule texts and never forget what's most important

    Graham Campbell🚀 new ventures, faster · Written
    This is exactly what I was looking for when I asked this Ask PH!
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    Scheduled for iOS

    A reminder for your messenger

    I've been using this for a few weeks and I like it. What it does is allow you to write and save messages to send later via text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and even email. There's now a setting which allows it to see the birthdays of all your contacts and pre-schedule a standard message which will repeat yearly. It's main shortcomings are that it can't automatically send the message, due to iOS restrictions, and it currently only allows you to repeat messages on a yearly basis. It would be nice if there were options for weekly or monthly recurring messages. Also, you can only send each message to one person. Overall, I do like it. For me, I mainly use it to remind myself to message someone when I have time. I find myself wanting go text someone when I'm busy or about to go to sleep. Seeing as I hate it when someone texts me and then doesn't reply for hours after I immediately respond, I use Scheduled to pick a time when I'm awake and free and can have a meaningful back and forth with that person. I also use it to schedule short messages for friends I talk to periodically so that months don't go by without us communicating.
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    Zaheer BalochPrincipal Developer at AMEX Middle East · Edited
    I was also searching for something similar but could not find anything that would automatically send SMS on your behalf while you are sleeping or are away.. And after seeing your question I went ahead and built one. lets you schedule SMS at a later date. Its rough around the edges but good enough for now. Please try it and let me know what you think. Its free for first 10 messages (not really... that code isnt there yet so its unlimited really), but I would charge maybe around 10cents per SMS later (again I am waiting for my Stripe approval, till then its free).
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    Increase newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.

    Eugene made this product
    SendPulse SMS may help to automate it all. You can setup series of text and email messages to be sent by triggers