Patrick Dodd
Patrick DoddPresident, Blinksale

What is the best template business plan / deck creator?

I need to make a really great looking deck for an exciting business proposal. I want it to look really sharp.
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    Upmetrics 2.0

    Create professional business plans quickly

    vinay kevadiya
    vinay kevadiyaCEO Plan Software · Written
    vinay kevadiya made this product
    Pick a business plan template and start editing right away. Template also includes guideline for each and every sections. It also provides many different options for cover page or brand customization.
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    Modern business planning for startups

    Targeted towards startups but fits any stage of company
    • Brandon Boynton
      Brandon BoyntonCEO at Vemity AI

      I was initially very excited to use Bizplan. As a founder, I would much rather be working on tasks that directly impact the success of the business, not accounting. However, when I started using this platform, it seems to be very poorly designed. It's very buggy.

      The very first page broke and I had to manually change an HTTP request to get by. Finally it asked me to upgrade to premium, even though I was already a premium user. I started to enter some financial data and it kept failing to save, or closing out on me.

      Beyond the bugs, the design of the platform is sub-par. It's not overly easy to navigate and could certainly be described as confusing.

      All-in-all, I would not recommend BizPlan to my greatest competitor/enemy. Avoid this product at all costs.

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    • nice product, especially for those who dont like or have no experience to run complicated excel ss. can run pretty much every major business forecast which is necessary. track plan\fact, and "what if". a bit raw, but is really useful if you would like quickly check your assumption or about to make some capital investment etc.