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Alexandre Sartini
Alexandre SartiniFounder of Qui connaît un bon

What is the best video/audio conference service?

I have been trying to multiple services for video conference and all of them lack video/audio quality. I am looking something reliable that won't crash and compatible with modern browsers.
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    context-augmented intelligence for meetings

    Peter Mantas
    Peter MantasStartup mentor, adviser and evangelist · Written
    If all you wish to do is just meet; applications such as Zoom, Hangouts, Skype and many others will do the job. However if you want more out of your meetings... Acrossio gives you so much more. It is the latest entrant to the converging market of web conferencing, video chat, online meetings, online social collaboration and the like. Acrossio lets you capture both content and context into the cloud with full recall. With Acrossio, teams can launch meetings from Slack and never miss a beat: 1. Record their meetings (collaborative sessions, planning, need discovery, interviews, onboarding) 2. Add indexed annotations (bookmarks, tasks, chat, docs, pics, links, etc.,) 3. Mentions engage team members during and even after the meeting has concluded 4. Everything is discoverable 5. Click on result and play from the time stamp. Bottom line… Acrossio’s core value is found at the conclusion of the meeting. When you need it... You can find it in seconds.
    I am recommending Acrossio because it's far better and beyond anything that you've seen till now. It really creates a category by itself. Bringing context into enterprise and professional collaboration, it helps me reclaim back time lost in meetings. That way I can invest more of my time to my family. As a busy professional, I had this pain for years. I was called to participate in meetings because I was a subject matter expert, just repeating myself. I was also relying to other people to tell me why decisions were made in meetings that I was absent. Now I can actually watch what happened myself and not waste my time into watching the whole session, but actually search for meaningful context in the session or in acrossio's search facility. I LOVE IT !
    chthomosCTO @ Acrossio · Edited
    chthomos made this product
    Have a look at Acrossio. We've never had crashes for 9- person web conferences. It runs in the browser (WebRTC) so there's nothing to install. You also get to record and annotate the conf. Recordings can be searched and replayed by participants or whoever gets permissions. They can also be enhanced with new comments and discussion. This allowed us to reduce the number of people having to be present in conferences to the bare minimum. Even if someone can't make it, she can view the recording and collaborate afterwards. Fewer participants = less time lost due to problems = happier meetings PS: I work for Acrossio
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    Efficient video meetings with up to 12 people!

    because it's just the best. great team behind it too.
    pherkandesigner | engineer | aeuoeu · Written
    Yup, loving too! :)
    Love! It is integrated with my collaboration tool - Flock, so I can initiate a call from within the app itself.