Alex Filatov
Alex FilatovFounder @SHOPYBOT

What would you prefer in communicating with chatbots - buttons with choices or by typing text?

Why im asking? I created facebook chatbot platform for E-Commerce (will post to PH very soon) and have mostly buttons with choices user can pick and only one Native Language option when user can type the product name e.g. 'red watch'. So asking this maybe I should add more NL options, need your advice. Thank you!
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@alexfilatov I personally much prefer buttons
@blakestratton cool! thanks a lot for you answer! Do you mind to share what is you favourite chatbot you use the most?
@alexfilatov I've spent the past 2 years working a bot (coming to PH soon!) and learned a lot in the process. It really boils down to the use cases. A couple of very simple ways of looking at it: 1. If the number of possible inputs for a response is limited, put them into buttons. If not, use NLP 2. If personality for the bot is important, use NLP where you can. If not, use buttons
@adam_riggs_zeigen thanks a lot, this makes total sense!
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