What is your favorite tech newsletter and why?

There are a lot of options out there. Platforms are being created to let anyone create a great newsletter. Brands are being built on top of newsletters. Individuals are starting their own more personal newsletters. Which ones are great? And why?
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    The Hustle

    Vice meets Fast Company

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub ยท Written
    This is by far my favorite tech newsletter (other than Product Hunt's) because it infuses current events, tech news, and awesome voice (it's freaking hilarious). They also are quite straightforward and self-depreciating in regards to their sponsorships too, which I find refreshing.
    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover82Founder, Product Hunt ยท Written
    I'm a fan of The Hustle as well. They've crafted a clear voice, one that's willing to say things that might be controversial.
    The Hustle is excellent but only if you are American ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ It has a good balance of tech and every-day articles and I like the casual tone. Just be aware that half the content is irrelevant to non-USA readers, so if you live somewhere else there are probably better options.
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    Benedict Evans Newsletter

    Great newsletter for tech, mobile, trends, data, and news

    Ben Lang
    Ben Lang23Shipping ยท Written
    Super concise newsletter with news, recommended articles and stats. I always read through his emails
    • Mark M. Whelan
      Mark M. WhelanFounder, Fellow and Executive Coach

      First class insights, he cuts through the noise and hype and identifies what's happening and perhaps more importantly often intimates what will happen.

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    LAUNCH Ticker

    The most efficient way to stay on top of tech news

    Kyle Hess
    Kyle Hess5Fintech Product Manager ยท Written
    I really like it. Gives you a quick blurb about, basically, anything that is happening.
    Al Tsang
    Al TsangCurrent CEO of LunchBadger ยท Written
    My marketing team loves it because it has a large breadth of coverage areas
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    Mattermark Daily

    A curated newsletter of blog posts from investors & founders

    Ben Winokur
    Ben WinokurLawyer, PassportParking ยท Written
    Reliably surfaces articles that make me smarter. It's the only newsletter I leave in my inbox to read in my down time.
    Hyder Alabed
    Hyder AlabedVC @thisisdynamo ยท Written
    Shocked this hasn't been recommended yet. Great curation, wide range of topics, and to the point.
    Pulkit Agrawal
    Pulkit AgrawalCEO @trychameleon for user onboarding ยท Written
    Really like this for a quick scan of what's happening in the Tech world so I can also talk about things as if I'm in the know ;-)
  5. Jake Wayne
    Jake WayneCo-Founder of Companion ยท Written
    Feel like I subscribe to so many (too many) tech related newsletters. But this is the one I'm always looking forward to. Gives great data driven analysis along w/ some choice recommended reads ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  6. Late to the party, but here's one more recommendation. This newsletter offers thought-provoking and excellently curated content on exponential technologies and their impact on society, economy and politics. It gives you a hefty dose of tech in a well-rounded context (as technology doesn't exist in isolation). (I do work with the team now, but was a fan of EV long before I started working with Azeem) Kevin Kelly and Mike Butcher love it, too http://www.exponentialview.co/ne...
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  7. Ildi Xhaholli
    Ildi XhaholliCreative Artist ยท Written
    Who knew hyperlinks could be so much fun! This newsletter is very easy to digest and I find myself laughing at the intro + post titles ever day.
  8. 3

    Daily email analysis on tech biz and strategy

    Aleksandra5Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls ยท Written
    The best one in terms of more in-depth coverage of what's going on in tech.
    Mircea Paศ™oi
    Mircea Paศ™oi3Co-founder Memo.AI ยท Written
    Best newsletter about technology and startup strategy.
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    12K FILTER

    A collection of algorithmically curated tech newsletters

    Vishnuแ…Ÿ แ… 
    Vishnuแ…Ÿ แ… Engineer,Developer,Traveller ยท Written
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    Hacker Newsletter

    Best of Hacker News in your inbox every Friday.

    RamkarthikWeb developer ยท Written
    Covers the top articles in different categories like News, Code, Data, Learn, Show HN, Books etc from Hacker News every week. Best way to keep up with tech.
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    Axios Pro Rata

    Dan Primack breaks news about deals and dealmakers

    Michael Deng
    Michael DengSoftware Developer ยท Written
    Concise and highly informative, Pro Rata is perfect for getting the daily lowdown of the business/finance side of the tech industry.
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  12. Ram Rayavarapu
    Ram RayavarapuCEO @billionleads.co ยท Written
    Ram Rayavarapu made this product
    One new Business Book Recommendation and a Summary of lessons learned from it will be sent every Thursday.
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    Professional network to share industry news and analysis

    Vinish Garg
    Vinish GargCo-founder @mystippi @ContentHug ยท Written
    Quibb is another great tech newsletter for its variety and consistency in sharing news. I am The Hustle, Mattermark, Benedict Evans, Launch Ticker, along with Quibb too... for a long time now.
  14. Eric Ebert
    Eric EbertMarketing and PR ยท Written
    Steve comments about what he's written about at TechCrunch and gives a behind-the-scene look at tech reporting and breaking news. Both funny and informative.
  15. Andreea Nastase
    Andreea NastaseProduct Manager at Rainforest QA ยท Written
    I like the way Axios deliver news in pithy bulletpoints. Login is a newsletter specifically about tech news from San Francisco and the government's innovation agenda in DC.
  16. Essentials is an interesting new (free) offering for people in the business/tech world designed to help keep track of only the most important news for up and coming tech trends. It uses a smart machine learning algorithm to identify the most influential authors and publishers in particular fields and then curates their posts into themes to save people the time of dragging through the online content "noise" manually, and surfaces only the most critical news in particular topics.