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What is the best website that teaches you how to build real world website/app?

whenever visiting a cool, nice website for a startup or a company, always wondering how they build it and how to go from vanilla examples.
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  1. Try treehouse for learning how to build a website.
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    Learn how to code by building real web apps

    Ryan Hoover78Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Codeplace is focused specifically on teaching people how to build tangible, real-world products such as two-sided marketplaces (e.g. Airbnb) or a dating app (e.g. Tinder).
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    Learn how to code by cloning real life startups

    They teach programming languages by cloning a few websites / apps, such as Uber Eats and even a basic version of Product Hunt.
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    Quick Code

    Curated list of free online programming courses

    keyul3Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash · Written
    keyul made this product
    There are lots of free courses related to web development available on Quick Code. This can be helpful to anyone who want to start coding.