Léo BenoitOracle engineer consultant

What is the best mail client for windows?

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    Alex BalabanovThat marketing guy at Balabanov & Co · Written
    It's as close to an old-skool email client as a modern app can be. Multiple accounts support and unified inbox are 💗
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    Microsoft Outlook for iOS

    Official Microsoft Outlook app designed for iPhone and iPad

    Dre Durr💡Growth is the only thing that matters · Written
    I really like outlook. It it very straightforward and easy to use.
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    Ishraq DhalyHead of Marketing, Jadoo Digital · Written
    Easiest to setup and operate on a daily level, user friendly, and compatible across all platforms i.e. Windows, IOS, Android etc. Most of what I use for my other internet activity seamlessly integrates and functions well with Gmail. Best!
    @le0bnt Spark has been great for me on iOS. I'll be honest, I use Airmail on desktop but on mobile Spark's performance and simplicity has kept me a user. You still may want to consider other Email Clients from the list http://www.beautifullife.info/we... . Spark provides quick actions to really make managing your email a breeze.