Don Pinkus
Don PinkusFounder, BlockSpring

What's the best Mac app / website for keeping a journal?

I want an app (or website) that helps me keep a written journal. I'm not that interested in the things that automatically aggregate my pictures - mostly interested in just written history.
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    Take better notes, your way

    Logan Lamb
    Logan LambGeïnteresseerd in programmeren. · Written
    I never thought I'd enjoy using a digital journal, but after doing some research and weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to give it a try and chose NoteLedge as my digital journal app that I primarily use on my iPad and occasionally my phone. What I really like about using this app is all the customization I get - I can choose different paper styles and pens, and I'm using my Apple pencil for handwritten entries, so the writing experience is fairly similar to an actual paper journal. Occasionally I make sketches as well along with my entries, and I feel like overall this form of journaling allows for more expression in the creative sense of the word. I've also used the app for creating to-do lists and collages and it works fairly well for both of those things. Alltogether, I'm satisfied with the app.
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    William Curtis
    William CurtisBackEnd Developer · Written
    I love using NoteLedge for journaling - I usually do an entry in the morning, and in the evening on my MacBook Air. It's easy to work in this app and I find it very enjoyable so far.
    Christopher Moore
    Christopher MooreSenior Product Designer (UX/UI)-Mobile · Written
    NoteLedge has been my go-to for a while now for journaling on my Mac. I also occasionally do entries on my phone since all my files are synced and I'm able to work on all my Apple devices. Find this app both practical and fun to use.
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    Day One 2.0

    Ground-up rewrite of the best journal for Mac and iPhone

    Neel Bommisetty
    Neel BommisettyMac Apps aficionado,JS Dev · Written
    It is probably the best Journal app available for mac.Easy to add entries, locations weather. Also looks amazing
    I've been using Day One as my journal for nearly 4 years. I make it a point to make an entry every day to log my thoughts, current events in my life, or things I've learned. I like that you can submit photos, tag posts, the iOS versions will log step count and media, and you can sync and backup your data between devices. I can't recommend this app enough. It gets just about everything right.
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    A simple platform for building beautiful media content

    David Gradford
    David GradfordFounder of, · Written
    David Gradford made this product
    This flatform can help you build your journal images quickly with your added coments, gift effect,.. and sort out it into a folder for a slideshow
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    Evernote Web - Oct 2014

    Note taking gets even simpler

    I don't know why I just find Evernote so intuitive... you'd think it's just a simple text entry app but there are a few features that I like enough to keep coming back to it over Textedit, Word, or any of the online tools: 1. Syncing across your devices - I like that I can work offline (unlike Google Docs) and the note is automatically synced to the rest of my devices when I get back online. 2. There are a lot of integrations (I use a few via IFTTT) 3. It's really easy to search and sort.
    Ishraq Dhaly
    Ishraq DhalyHead of Marketing, Jadoo Digital · Written
    Evernote is, for me, one of the most functional tools that let 'record' my ideas - whether it is a piece of prose or a link reference or a title idea or chapters of my book or random audio and visual material - on my cell or on my laptop, always synced, cloud based easy access!
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    Extremely simple note-taking

    Osman Ahmed
    Osman AhmedMaker for the web · Written
    Osman Ahmed made this product
    Strong focus on writing, easy to use and no signup required
  6. Pawel Kadysz
    Pawel KadyszFounder, · Written
    Pawel Kadysz made this product
    If you're into photography - tookapic helps you start and manage a 365 project - which is a photo-a-day journal.
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    Grid Diary 2

    A journal system designed for self-growth & mindfulness

    Max Yakin Bozek
    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    The habit of writing daily it is difficult. This app is so simple that turns journaling into an easily achievable goal.
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    Max Yakin Bozek
    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    I believe Journey this is the most beautiful and simple of all journaling apps. You can use it in macOS as well.