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What is the best way to get my new brand noticed?

We set up cheeky little monkeys a few months back working with designers and organic clothing to make cool limited edition t shirts for kids. Also wanted to give back to childrens charities. Want to now really get behind the brand as have only played around to date. What is the best way to get awareness?
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    Adina JipaCo-founder @Socialinsider · Written
    You could track your brand performance with Oscilloskope. Also, you could monitor your competitors and learn from their marketing actions or mistakes. Plus, if Facebook & twitter are your game, Oscilloskope analyses the communities and reveals all the data in one single dashboard. Hope it helps :)
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    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    I can't comment on offline marketing but here's my advice for Social Media marketing. It's a high-level overview of what you should do. To create awareness for a new brand, you'll want to focus on creating content first. Write about the brand, mission, USP etc. Then, go "all in" on social. Unfortunately, as a new brand, your reach will be miniscule. You'll have to put in some money to promote your page and a few stand-out posts. Also, ensure that you get the audience profile/targeting right. After a few weeks, do an analysis of overall reach, engagement and results of your marketing. PS. Buffer is the best publishing tool for Social Media.
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    Amplify any message using social media.

    Willie MorrisFormerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox · Written
    Great way to push out a coordinated social campaign :)