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    Simple, beautiful scheduling.

    Hi if you need to have an excellent apk then go for Tiktokapk
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    Willie MorrisFormerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox Β· Written
    Dead simple and easy to use.
    I do not have any worries about it.
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    Doodle simplifies scheduling.

    I am a fan of Doodle. It nails it in terms of simplicity and usability for coordinating with groups.
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    SKEDit Scheduling App

    Effortlessly manage your communication, in one simple place

    Hassan Khater made this product
    Would love to hear any feedback on SQEDit :)
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    Woven Calendar

    An intelligent calendar

    Anna Addomssmall business consultant Β· Written
    Woven takes all the things that are great about Calendly and brings them right into your calendar. No separate apps, it's all-in-one and it's SO much easier to use. and it's FREE! Woven saves me an average of 2 hours per week on scheduling back-and-forth.
  5. Jon Maximus made this product
    FeetPort have a feature that help to manage and schedule the followups and meetings.
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    Real-time team messenger tool

    There's a Meeting Scheduler integration on this app that I use to schedule a meeting or a call with the team. The integration is amazing and quite simple to use, just like the chat platform it's on! By the way, it's free to use and allows for unlimited integrations. :) We also use it to collaborate, manage communication and tasks.
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    Project management in a chat

    Certainly, this is just a team collaboration app, and you can find more specific scheduling apps focused on planning meetings. However, I believe that it's much more convenient to use a single app for all team collaboration needs, and with Riter you can easily create a new task, name is Meeting, and assign everybody to it. They'll get notifications immediately. You can also add any other details on the meeting in the task description and comments, attach files before or after the meeting, add some notes, todos, tags, etc. You can even cancel a live meeting and chat right there in comments to save a little time when possible.
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    The easiest way to schedule group meetings

    Samarth ShyamanurIntegrated Engineering Student Β· Written
    Super clean, fast and easy to use! My team of 6 uses LettuceMeet all the time to schedule meetings. Highly recommend!
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    Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

    Zoom is excellent communication scheduling app with the features like audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars over mobile devices, desktops, and telephones. For more such marketing-related tools you can also refer to this article https://aeroleads.com/blog/lead-...
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    Social media made easy.

    Elizaveta ZagorodnayaFond of web design and marketing. Β· Written
    Has good functionality, a wide range of services. Automates content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. I like it!
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    FreeBusy Scheduling Assistant

    Coordinate meetings 10x faster from Skype, Slack, Echo

    I think the price is right for the provided functionality, including: - Support of Multiple Calendars - Integration to Slack, Zoom, etc. - Creating a custom URL
  12. Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia Β· Written
    This is really easy to use and manage. Offers unique features.
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    Supercharge your team's meetings

    Love the Google Hangouts integration and reminders that get sent it automatically
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    Whereby (formerly appear.in)

    Collaborate from anywhere - video meetings with no downloads

    The easiest way to spawn a meeting remote room!
  15. Anna KocsisWork smarter not harder! Β· Written
    Anna Kocsis made this product
    10to8 is probably one of the best communication & scheduling system. It makes scheduling appointments, meetings, etc. a breeze and what's more, it sends out automated reminders, so nobody forgets their upcoming appointment. You can set up SMS & email reminders, customize and style them if you want to, and set a time when they should be sent.. On the communication side of things, 10to8 has a 2-way client chat feature, so if a client doesn't open a reminder and you want to follow up with them, it's easy-peasy! Advanced customizations are only available on the paid plans, but the basic stuff that you need for scheduling appointments and communicating with clients in a professional and efficient way is all included on the Free Forever Plan.
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    Calendbook.com v1

    Share open time slots with links. Customers book in 3 clicks

    Vincenzo BelpiedeFounder @stellartalents Building SaaS Β· Written
    Vincenzo Belpiede made this product
    Simpler Cheaper Faster
  17. Manage online scheduling, send automated reminders and follow up messages via email or text, customize the layout to match your company branding and much more with an indefinite time free trial version.
  18. Results Budyi am senior Editor of Β· Written
    Holidays (and school holidays in some countries) - Adjustable to the calendar list Other colors (theme / UI color, background color, calendar colors, event colors) Professional features (invite as invite, contact, free/busy, private, profile, ICS) Tasks (management of Google Tasks or Tasks from CalDev / OpenTasks)
  19. Vedant BajpaiBlack Board Educate App Β· Written
    Keeping up with teacher and parent is faster and easier than ever. Share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you. This app basically works on three profiles 1.Owner/ Principal * Owner can handle multiple schools and multiple roles with single login it so easy every detail will be on your fingertips. * Now have in-house social media with notice creating your event and sharing pictures with school. * Find every single details of your teacher and it’s so easy that you can change schedule by just selecting the teacher from the present list. * Very easy to use for their day to day school management problems. * During PTM just search the name of student and can find the profile, attendance, homework result details in just a click. * Join the digitalization and enjoy the connection with parents Design your own school on www.home.bbedut .com 2. Teacher/ Staff * Less than 30 second challenge just voice out the name of the student and clicks only on absent and leaves. Still miss someone can change it any time any place. But only by the teacher who took the attendance. * Why to discuss about the homework well you can send it just on click and even attachment can be sent in the form of image, pdf, excel. Even result can be schedule with timing so ease your voice and pen enjoy to connect with whole class with single clicks. 3. Student / Parents * Now it is so easy to connect to the school and find every updates about the school on your app. * Connected with school on tracking of your bus and providing leaves to the school. The Blackboard app does more than help you stay connected with your friends and interests. It's also your personal organizer for storing, saving and sharing. It's easy have full control over your photos and privacy. The security is the most important patch in which we provide NDA with Schools on individual Data Security. Blackboard is Free and always be because our company vision consists of to help each single child on this planet to fulfill their dreams. The most important desktop features of Blackboard is data entry part and managing multiple things from web it can be only govern by the Owner and principal of the school at www.home.bbedut.com
  20. aapks teamaapks is best apk site https://aapks.com Β· Written
    you can get apk from here to https://aapks.com