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Prioritize product development and feature requests with stakeholders. Manage high level product improvements and incoming feature requests from Sales and Support teams. Prioritize feature requests for upcoming sprints and create a transparent development process. Organize user stories and customer feedback for quick reference. Establish development and design requirements for implementation using checklists. Make sprint planning more effective by adding story points to cards for estimating the difficulty of building features. Agile Sprints Agile workflow is all about collaboration and self-organization. This Trello board helps you manage your product workflow in one place while giving your team perspective of the whole agile process. Keep all code, specs, and key user stories easily accessible in one location. See the status of tasks as sprints progress in a shared team view. Collaborate seamlessly with engineers and scrum masters in real time. Manage and prioritize the product backlog with stakeholders and product owners. Transparently share with business stakeholders what’s shipped and what’s up next. Sprint Retrospective Replace whiteboards with Trello boards for more informative and accessible team retrospectives. Stay effective and remove roadblocks for success with regularly held retrospectives after every sprint. Create an open and encouraging environment that puts people (introverts and extroverts) on the same level. Celebrate what went well, what needs improvement, and any action items required to improve communication and collaboration. Empower team members to vote and openly discuss the issues that matter most to the team and users. Keep distributed teams in sync by removing geographic barriers with this accessible from anywhere Trello board. Project Overview Product managers are always juggling tasks, goals, and stakeholders across the board. This workflow will help you easily manage cross-functional team projects. Get perspective on all moving parts during cross-functional team projects. Clearly establish the high level business goals for each element of the project in one location. Create a workflow to organize tasks as they move from research phases to implementation. Visualize the progress of tasks and quickly surface information by applying filterable labels to cards. Stay organized by attaching all research notes, data, and design mockups for each task. Feature Requests Create an actionable inbox to receive and prioritize feature requests from customer-facing teams like Sales, Support and Marketing for your product roadmap. Establish a transparent workflow to prioritize feature requests so teams know who to contact and how their request fits on roadmap. Transparently share the progress of features selected for development to reduce frequent follow-up inquiries and emails. Capture important details about requested features including customer pain points. See the frequency of feature requests by asking team members to attach tickets to cards for a better understanding of urgency and popularity of user needs. Help improve customer success by letting Sales, Support and Marketing know when a highly requested feature has been released.