Nojan Sheybani
Nojan SheybaniUniversity of Virginia

What are the best free apps for iOS and/or Mac for developers?

I'm a first-year college student, and I'm trying to make a couple web apps and iOS apps in the next couple of years. Are there any resources I could utilize to either learn or actually start building?
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  1. Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Mobile self-learning tools. Bit-sized lessons and fun practice Interactive sessions to step-by-step teaching the fundamentals of coding.
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    Build a fully functional web app without any code

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    If you're just starting and exploring different ways to go about building an iOS app, consider Bubble. Bubble lets you build mobile apps for iOS, but this is in early beta. There is a bit of learning curve to understand the fundamentals of visual programming. The Bubble schema is built from things — basically tables. Programming is expressed through events in a workflow. A workflow in Bubble refers to an action (event) that can be called by an element within the app. Events have conditions expressed by boolean expressions. Hope it helps, let me know if you need any further info on this.
    • Keith Crosley

      Look: There’s no platform that can enable someone with no freaking clue about how to build an app to magically build one... But boy does Bubble come close.

      I love visual/no-code/alterna-code environments and have worked on several of the most famous ones. Bubble is right up there.

      I feel like this tool‘s positioning (“you don’t have to be a coder”) belies its true strength. It‘s GRRRREAAAT for those who would rather NOT code most stuff.

      I do my best to help folks out in the forums at, but wish it had a StackExhange equivalent -- it’s that deep. Love it and wish it the best. You can build awesome stuff on Bubble, but (duh) prepare to learn some computer science In the process (this is a GOOD thing)...

    • An app that's more about doing something technically than paying any attention to the user or use-cases. Is just very impractical, with all the real-world features difficult to impossible. Just look at data-upload:

  3. It's not free, but worth the low price. Check it out. One student had the number 2 app in the world at one point.
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    Marvel 2.0

    Super simple design, prototyping and collaboration

    Tom Charde
    Tom ChardeBrand + UX + Web Strategist · Written
    Freemium prototyping & collaboration apps.
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    Kuoll JavaScript Tracer

    See how your users crashed your web application

    Eugene  Stepnov
    Eugene StepnovOperations at Kuoll · Written
    Eugene Stepnov made this product
    There is a free plan for up to 100 reports. Kuoll helps to find and fix bugs in web apps.