What is the best site/app for planning your next trip?

Once you've decided where to go, it can be hard to find the best things to do and see. Not just the tourist traps but the unique places that will make your trip worth it. Any suggestions for solving this?
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    A marketplace to buy and sell fashion

    Ian Rumac
    Ian RumacAndroid Architect @ Undabot · Written
    One of the best travel planning apps - also recommends stuff to do in the city :)
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    Airbnb Official API

    Develop your application for millions of travelers & hosts

    Ian Rumac
    Ian RumacAndroid Architect @ Undabot · Written
    Also this - a platform by airbnb to have awesome experiences while on your trip.
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    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Discovered this recently while curating a group travel planning app for a client (in case you are interested to discover a group travel productivity app). I like the feature of splitting expenses with plan members, build a collaborative map of where different members of the group want to visit, group polls, and much more.
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    Gorgeous location-aware audio walks

    Daylen Sawchuk
    Daylen SawchukComputer Systems Student in Vancouver · Written
    Detour is currently only available in a few cities; however, it allows you to explore the city via a smartphone. I have never personally used the service, but I would definitely recommend you look into it.
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    Never miss out on the best events around the world

    Ben Ooi
    Ben OoiFounder of Travelendar.com · Written
    Ben Ooi made this product
    Check out this travel calendar web app I built. It solves where, when and what to see and do as it focuses on world events like Oktoberfest and La Tomatina.
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    Eavesdrop on what locals are recommending to each other

    Antonio Martinez Baez made this product
    Check OSOM out. We built it because when we traveled we wanted to find the most authentic spots and current search and discovery platforms were not doing the trick. We would en up in tourist traps really disappointed so we built OSOM to solve this. With OSOM you create wishlists with your friends about the spots you want to try out and ones you already love. Not only that but you can see what groups of locals are recommending to each other so you can find real authentic places.
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    Travel spontaneously within a budget

    You can search by budget and find the lowest rates for both flights and hotels
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    Spotted by Locals 2.0

    Truly local tips in 70+ cities

    Bart van Poll
    Bart van PollBootstrap community builder · Written
    Bart van Poll made this product
    To find hidden gems by handpicked locals - always up to date - 100% offline. Disclaimer: I'm co-founder!