Laura TrouillerUX Consultant • Mentor

What is the best research software/app to organise data/research findings?

I'm doing some research on a potential new venture and would appreciate some recommendations on what tool to use to file/record the research on different topics. It would need to be flexible enough to be able to easily organise them, edit, brain map, maybe share with a team. Think Trello + MindNod + EverNote, but more intuitive interface. Cheers
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    Take better notes, your way

    Erika LaneMarketing & Business Development · Written
    I used NoteLedge by Kdan Mobile when I was in grad school, someone recommended the app to me due to its high functionality and I ended up liking it and using it pretty often. Mostly what I liked about it was how easy I could keep my notes, references, bookmarks and PDFs organized and synced across my talblet that I used for note-taking, and my laptop that I mainly used for research. It was fairly intuitive back then, and I'm sure it's been updated and even more user friendly now. So, keeping all my documents synced was quite useful, being able to add notes to my calendar was a nice tool that helped with time-mamangement. So a good app overall, for a variety of uses.
    Brendan WaltersFront-end Developer( Angular JS) · Written
    I love doing research with the app. I work all the time and I store my ideas with this app when I come up with new things. I read a lot, and love storing it all here in one place.
    I keep my journal in NoteLedge. The app is on my iPad so I can sketch my dreams when I wake up. It's wierd to look back at old dreams but also really fun. My wife just started doing it too.
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    Laura TrouillerUX Consultant • Mentor · Written
    Well, in the end I found this product and I'm completely hooked! There are a few functionalities that would make it perfect but so far it's a great discovery.
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    Wacom Bamboo Spark
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    I find a lot of my work involves writing down and collecting visual stories. This means I jot down and draw a lot while conducting app research, especially when first conceiving the UI-UX elements, things start on paper for me. If you research is very visual-focused and you need a quick way to get hand-made notes/drawings/diagrams into @evernote, you can get the Spark by @wacom to email PDF versions of notes to an @evernote-connected-email, this means as soon as @evernote gets the digital-version of your hand-made work it will produce a new note in-app and cloud-sync it right away. This feature is crucial for me because I handle client life-cycle within @evernote, so delivering visual notes is important.. and the email-to-evernote feature really creates efficiency.
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    The social network for data people

    Great open source data sets.
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    Evernote Web Clipper
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    With it's continuous feature development, I can't find a better solution: You get web annotations AS you clip browser content.. AND, you can even clip web content and add it to notes on Android and iOS. Once your content enters a new @evernote note.. you can connect services like Zapier and IFTTT to trigger the consumption of your new notes across other cloud-platforms. This means once you save it, you can have a pipeline setup. Not only this, but with instant offline capabilities.. AND all the other features that I haven't mentioned, @evernote Web Clipper makes the most of Online Browser-Based research in my opinion. The free version of @evernote has the sharing feature too.