Nick Lucas
Nick LucasEngineering Manager, InstaBrand

Whats a good app for talking to a psychologist?

As a digital nomad I'm never in one city for to long, I'm looking for an app where I can talk to a psychologist remotely to help with sorting out mental questions and therapy.
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    Your AI assistant for emotional health

    Leandra V. Silva
    Leandra V. SilvaCEO Empathy Bottles ยท Written
    It was my first responder before a therapist.
    Diego Dotta
    Diego DottaYouper Co-founder ยท Written
    Diego Dotta made this product
    It's just perfect when I'm traveling or don't have access to the internet. In just a few minutes I feel better.
  2. 44

    Find your way to your strongest self

    Duarte Martins
    Duarte MartinsFounder @ ยท Written
    Recommended by 80,000 hours.
  3. Vinh Pham
    Vinh Pham27๐Ÿคค ยท Written
    7 Cups provides free, anonymous, and confidential online text chat with trained listeners, therapists, and counselors.
    Spa Tzaffaire
    Spa TzaffaireG33k mom, IT consultant ยท Written
    Excellent service, I found it easier to talk via texting since I was able to write my questions and / or about a situation when it was actually happening as opposed to having to remember it at the time of an actual appointment.
  4. Seems credible as it is well funded & thoughtfully designed .
    bolly-gMarketer, Fiverr ยท Written
  5. Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal29Head Of Digital Communications ยท Written
    Behavioural health services - online counselling and therapy services are provided through web-based interaction as well as phone and text communication. Available on Android and iOS too.
  6. Brad Rhoads
    Brad RhoadsFounder Instant Audiobook ยท Written
    Counselors can get certified in doing remote counseling via Skype. And using Skype will allow you to maintain and grow your relationship with the counselor.
  7. Meghan Schlicher Kuhn made this product
    Hey Nick! ๐Ÿ‘‹Glad you asked! My company, Priizm, got hunted here today. We offer on-demand sessions with top life and business coaches. Check us out! ๐Ÿ’Ž