Cornea AI

Use AI to predict the popularity of your photos

ANKIT NARAYAN SINGHCo founder, ParallelDots · Written
ANKIT NARAYAN SINGH made this product
Cornea.ai Disclaimer: I'm the founder of the App! We built this App keeping in mind the trends that become viral on social media and all our features are geared towards increasing your popularity while sharing photos and selecting hashtags. Our AI gives your photo a popularity score which is based on a deep neural network trained on trending images taken from various social media sites and hence, it understands the features that makes a photo stand out. We also recommend filters and hashtags to boost your score and let you share your photos confidently. On an average, you see a boost of up to 20% in engagement using Cornea App. We are live and trending on PH - please check us out! We are completely free. https://www.producthunt.com/post...