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What are the best roadmapping tools for products and services?

Looking for visual tools that also help tell a story and lets others click to expand roadmap items, sort them (eg. by user story, platform), etc. I realize project management tools like JIRA offer such functionality, but I'm looking for something less extensive.
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    Roger Lu
    Roger LuProduct Manager at TripAdvisor · Written
    Great for quick road mapping as an outlining tool in structured lists format. You can even switch the views.
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    ProductPlan and Pivotal Tracker Integration

    Easily tie project details to your strategic product roadmap

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    Simple and easy to use. Does exactly what it says - create visual roadmaps for products. Lighter than Aha! and cheaper too. They throw in a free 30-day trial so you can see if it fits your needs.
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    productboard 2.0

    The product management system for makers who care

    WinstonMake excellent products w/ @productboard · Written
    Winston made this product
    productboard is the product management solution of choice at renowned product companies like Zendesk, Invision, and Envoy. Consolidate user inputs, prioritize what to build next, validate feature ideas with users, and rally everyone around your roadmap. It integrates with your existing customer touchpoints like Zendesk, Intercom, and email, as well as dev tools like JIRA, GitHub, Trello, and Pivotal.
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    If, as you said, you are looking for something simpler and less bloated than JIRA, then Nuclino might be a good choice for you. It's a lot easier to use, lighter and more minimalist, while being powerful enough to plan and manage your product roadmap.
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    The World's #1 Product Roadmap Software

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Aha is a great road mapping tool with templates and features like visual mapping if it might help you in storytelling. Plus the interface itself is pretty neat for segregation. I did a free trial.
    Handy Roadmapping tool - useful visualization features help lay out everything in the one place
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    productboard 2.0

    The product management system for makers who care

    Paul Gordon
    Paul GordonFounder @ · Written
    Very easy to use tool. Free for 15 days and good pricing. Also has a free tier which is great for startups and bootstrappers to get you going.
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    Build product roadmaps, manage ideas, and make users happy.

    iamjodcoLead Designer, Product Guy · Written
    After using JIRA, spreadsheets, ppts and some other tools, we landed on ProdPad because it gave us both the idea input and the output of an easy to view product roadmap based on themes and near and long term timelines. You can expand each item and see the underlying supporting ideas for it and any user stories in them. Get granular or get to 30K ft view of your product. It even handles multiple roadmaps very nicely in a portfolio view. Collaboration is as simple as inviting anyone in your org to be a contributor on any idea. Our Dev team uses it to view what our priorities are for yearly planning.
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    Roadmap beta

    Plan projects and manage resources with ease.

    Best design :)
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    The All-in-one Product Management Platform

    Iryna Maniuk
    Iryna ManiukMarketing manager · Written
    If you tried JIRA and want to opt for something feature-rich yet simple to use, I'd recommend Atlaz. I’m fan of its Roadmap board, a great visual scheduler for projects. You get a calendar with start and due dates, and can add tasks or links to tasks from other boards to show dependencies. And it's free for teams up to five people :) Start with a trial to see if it fits you.
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    Craft 2.0

    A collaborative platform for product creation

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    I really like Craft, and not just because they have a free solo plan! The standout features to me are: - quick visual journey mapping (in Storyboard mode), which then forms the backbone for writing user stories. - a complete flow from strategic design all the way through to task level breakdown for actual development. - visual roadmaps in which you can mark versions and milestones. I feel they're still early days and need to make a few decisions about simplifying some of the UI as there's a few too many frills when it comes to fields and categories. They also need to improve the use of space on some screens. Buts it's probably the best of the bunch I've seen so far.
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    Drag and drop Gantt charts - backed by Asana

    AlexMarTech & Startups are my passions · Written
    If you're using Asana, Instagantt is a no brainer.
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    Zoho Sprints

    Ship your best products with agile planning and tracking

    RamonStartup Enthusiast · Written
    More utilitarian yet simple and modern design. Fully featured agile based product development tool and by the way, it's far cheaper than Jira.
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    Productstash - Agile Product Roadmaps
    Reuben Salisbury made this product
    Productstash is a great free tool for building roadmaps, publish product updates and collecting/validating ideas. It's had a large overhaul with this version, not least a brand new UI. Key features * Single tool for roadmaps, updates and ideas * Keep stakeholders updated with what you're working on, through our interactive product roadmap * Keep your customers updated with product updates and embed these directly in your own website or web app * Allow your customers to vote on what you should work on next, with our public roadmaps * Allow your customers to submit their own ideas and vote on existing ideas, to help you validate and understand your customer's needs
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    Improve collaboration & teamwork in one central hub

    Tan Ha
    Tan HaAssociate Creative Director @Vayner3 · Written
    Disclaimer, I am a Customer Success Manager at dapulse. I do use it for my personal vlogging projects. It runs even better when you collaborate and communicate projects with a team.
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    TimelinrThe most fun you've ever had planning! · Written
    Built by product design people for product people that love good design. Easy and fun to use, unlike other options. Take it for a spin.
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    Scope your project and get things done 🤖

    Craig Kilgore
    Craig KilgoreDigital Marketing / Growth Enthusiast · Written
    Featured in Gartner's 2017 & 2018 Market Guide for Product Management and Roadmapping Tools, TARA is a cloud-based solution that offers an AI-powered product builder, features to manage software builds and resources, data visualizations, recommendation engines, and integrations with other leading product development solutions.
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    Built by Product Managers for Product Managers

    Malte Scholz made this product
    Strategy platform to prioritize your projects and features to build more effective roadmaps. Integrates with all major project management platforms.
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    Productstash - Agile Product Roadmaps
    Productstash is a great free tool for building simple agile product roadmaps, managing release notes and collecting/validating ideas. The free version allows roadmap voting and idea voting, whilst the paid version allows you to share your roadmap publicly, enabling to collect feedback from customers etc. Would definitely give it a try!
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    Create Beautiful Photo Narratives

    Gregory Andersen
    Gregory AndersenSoftware consultant · Written
    Here's an excellent article to your question -