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Best conference call and screen sharing service?

If you use any of these tools on a weekly basis which is your favorite and most reliable service that you have used? Something with little to no installation required on the viewing end would be good.
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    Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover82Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Zoom is the most stable and scaleable video conference software I've used. As a distributed team, we needed something that could host 10+ guests reliably. The downside is that Zoom runs as a native app, not in the browser like Google Hangouts and others. This isn't ideal for external video calls but fine for teams.
    Tom Redman
    Tom RedmanTechnical Product Manager, Buffer · Written
    Agree with Ryan. We use it at Buffer multiple times per day. We're fully remote, and we also host our bi-monthly all-hands on Zoom and have never experienced an issue in calls with up to 100 people.
    Zoom is the only one where I'm not consistently trying to debug why my mic doesn't work. Just works.
    • Anthony Recenello
      Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden

      The audio quality is so bad that it's the same level as a payphone. Really not worth paying money for when there are better solutions.

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    Efficient video meetings with up to 12 people!

    Jon Rojas
    Jon RojasCo-founder, Smart People Podcast · Written
    If you're looking for something better than Google Hangouts, but do not need a dedicated platform, is perfect for that. I find the audio and video quality to be much better than Hangouts. Plus, there's cool stickers!
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

      I really love the software and we're using it at picksaas to do video conferencing. The best thing about is it that everybody can enter with just one link, like the simplicity!

    • Matheus Guerra Costa
      Matheus Guerra CostaGrowth Hacker @ 12min

      Best video conference tools I've ever used! Skip those first 10 minutes of meetings on Skype that people just say "Can you hear me? How about now?", and just start talking!

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    Stress-free conference calls

    MollyDigital Marketer with a bleeding heart · Written
    Uber conference is really simple to use for both the organizer and participants. I rarely have issues with the quality and appreciate that it records the call for me.
    Tyler Dow
    Tyler DowFront End Developer · Written
    Hands down the EASIEST and most enjoyable conference call software that I've ever used. Almost every time I have a call with someone who's never used UberConference, they ask where to sign up :)
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    Better meetings for all

    Ash Pearson
    Ash PearsonProduct Manager @ Property4Media · Written
    We use in our company and it's worked well for us for years. Never cuts out, stable connection, screen sharing is really smooth and it's so much more reliable than Skype.
    Jose Niño Pérez
    Jose Niño PérezData, Tech and Social Science · Written
    I tried a lot of apps but have been using consistently. 30 seconds install and I feel more comfortable about security and confidentiality than with chrome extensions, although Uber Conference is pretty solid too.
    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    I second that. Been using Uber Conference and recently had to someone who has started to work with us remotely. Both your requirements conference calling and screen sharing should be seamless. With us, there was a slight issue with file-sharing but that might be temporary.
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    context-augmented intelligence for meetings

    Peter Mantas
    Peter MantasStartup mentor, adviser and evangelist · Written
    If all you wish to do is just meet; applications such as Zoom, Hangouts, Skype and many others will do the job. However if you want more out of your meetings... Acrossio gives you so much more. It is the latest entrant to the converging market of web conferencing, video chat, online meetings, online social collaboration and the like. Acrossio lets you capture both content and context into the cloud with full recall. With Acrossio, teams can launch meetings from Slack and never miss a beat: 1. Record their meetings (collaborative sessions, planning, need discovery, interviews, onboarding) 2. Add indexed annotations (bookmarks, tasks, chat, docs, pics, links, etc.,) 3. Mentions engage team members during and even after the meeting has concluded 4. Everything is discoverable 5. Click on result and play from the time stamp. Bottom line… Acrossio’s core value is found at the conclusion of the meeting. When you need it... You can find it in seconds.
    chthomosCTO @ Acrossio · Edited
    chthomos made this product
    Check out Acrossio. It allows you to conduct online meetings but with a twist: Everything (video, screen, chat etc.) is instantly recorded on the cloud and enhaced by your timestamped bookmarks. You can replay recordings in your browser and easily locate important parts by searching them. Moreover, collaboration can continue as you can comment on existing bookmarks or place new ones. All of the above are available either in your private team space or in your own personal account and fortified by an extensive set of custom permissions allowing you to share recordings with only those you wish. All features you expect, such as file sharing, guest users etc. are there. Finally, since it's powered by WebRTC there's no need to download anything, just use Chrome or Firefox. Disclaimer: I work for Acrossio
    I am recommending Acrossio because it's far better and beyond anything that you've seen till now. It really creates a category by itself. Bringing context into enterprise and professional collaboration, it helps me reclaim back time lost in meetings. As a professional I spend between 20% to 80% of my time in meetings resulting in at best incomplete minutes and/or action list. Furthermore, individuals who missed the meeting don’t add value nor receive value from the meeting. Context on decisions are also lost. By using Acrossio I found that I can reclaim back my time from dumb meetings. That way I can invest more of my time to my family. Believe me, I had this pain for years. I was called to participate in meetings because I was a subject matter expert, just repeating myself. I was also relying to other people to tell me why decisions were made in meetings that I was absent. Now I can actually watch what happened myself and not waste my time into watching the whole session, but actually search for meaningful context in the session or in acrossio's search facility. I LOVE IT !
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    Meet by Google

    Enterprise-friendly version of Google Hangouts

    I personally use Meet by Google. It's super simple and reliable, and works on all browsers without having to install a plugin.
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Have you tried Slack? It has these features.
    • João Oliveira Simões
      João Oliveira SimõesDesign Lead, 44 Studio

      As a remote designer, this is a must have. I'm always contactable and available. Super easy way to also have quick calls and communicate with other team members on different teams.

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    • Amrith Shanbhag
      Amrith ShanbhagCommunity at Product Hunt & Feathrd

      I'm a part of a ton of Slack communities but I'm active in only a handful.

      Slack works to its fullest only when it is implemented in a team and everyone's supposed to use it for communication. Slack could/should improve on making the communities on it better by adding relevant features.

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    Completely redesigned with GIFs, group video chat, & stories

    Currently, Skype. I simply can't find any other tools that offer voice and video quality.
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    Google Hangouts

    New web app for Google Hangouts cross-device messaging app

    Anshuman Chadda
    Anshuman Chadda3MD MPH; Physician Entrepreneur · Written
    Let's not forget the most ubiquitous app everyone has that is also free and has tons of features like free phone calls, screen sharing etc
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    Dead Simple Screen Sharing

    Share your screen right from your browser for free

    Ali Asgher Lakkadsha
    Ali Asgher Lakkadshaco-founder, Dead Simple Screen Sharing. · Written
    Its easy to use works right out of the browser. No Signup downloads are required. HD quality sound and screen share in less than 10 seconds. Its free but we also have paid plans with additional features.
  11. There are lots of new players in conference calling and screen sharing market, for instance Blizz by Teamviewer. It's stable, free, secure, great audio and video quality, accommodates up to 300 participants!
    Blizz is simple in use, lets you share your screen and files with multiple people, offers a very decent audio and video quality. What I personally like the most is that anyone can join the meeting without sign-ups, just by clicking the unique meeting ID the organizer sends you. A high level of security is a given, as it is a product of Teamviewer. Plus, its price points are pretty affordable for the service they provide. Give it a look.
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    Houseparty for web. Change the URL and chat in your room

    vasanthvI turn ☕️ to JS code. · Written
    vasanthv made this product
    I recommend this as I am the maker :p
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    Zoho Connect

    Collaboration software that brings your team together.

    RamonStartup Enthusiast · Written
    All-in-one team software
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    Turn any room into a cloud-based video conferencing room

    Clayton Pritchard
    Clayton PritchardProduct Marketing Manager at Highfive · Written
    Highfive makes it super easy to connect with your team or people external no matter if they're connecting from a meeting room, their laptop, or a mobile device. There's no need to install anything because you just click the link and the meeting happens in your browser with all features included like screen sharing (both viewing and sharing) and industry leading audio powered by Dolby Voice. Plus, there's no pin codes or meeting IDs to worry about which makes it great for even external users. Full disclosure: I do work at Highfive. However, I have a lot of experience with other providers from my time before Highfive including at Twitter where we used both Google Hangouts/Chromebox for Meetings and BlueJeans, and Highfive is a much better experience. I'm really impressed with what our team has built.
    • Reony Tonneyck
      Reony TonneyckDesigner & EV Advocate

      If you're looking for a free alternative to Zoom or Hangouts, look else where. This product requires you to get their hardware. This has been my best experience using a video conferencing service thus far! Well done 👏🏼

  15. I strongly feel grptalk is a breakthrough solution for audio conferencing needs of enterprises. In addition to its ability to conduct large conferences, grptalk keeps the control of the call with the host. Check out to understand the product better.