What dashboard KPIs aggregator do you use to track your product metrics and business goals?

I'm looking for a tool (or solution) where I can have a quick snapshot about the status of my products vs business goals just in one place. Capturing from GA, Mixpanel, manual KPIs, etc.. What would you recommend?
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    Monitor the vital signs of your business

    If you purely want a way to aggregate metrics then this is a good tool. If you know SQL, I like Periscope Data
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    I've asked a similar question a few weeks ago and Geckoboard was #1. Here are the other suggestions: https://www.producthunt.com/ask/...
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    • Jorn Elferink
      Jorn ElferinkCo-founder of Wordapp.com

      The second time I try it. While it has improved over the last 12 months, new 3rd party app connections come in slowly.