Ritesh MandaliyaFounder, The Cullt

Which is the best service to use for pop-ups (offers and email collection) on my eCommerce store?

I am looking at something like Unbounce (too expensive) or Privy (no support for custom fonts). I need the ability to match my branding with custom fonts and it should integrate well with MailChimp as I wish to set up an automated email.
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    7 most important website widgets in a single app 👊

    Nina De la CruzHelping IT projects get noticed · Written
    This one is available for free in its basic version, but even the paid plan that allows for integrating with MailChimp is just $19/mo for 1 site.
    • Jeff ReckseidlerI run http://tuuk.me

      Really happy to see the flexibility and options available in this tool. Thanks getSiteControl, I started using it on a project this morning and already feel pretty good about the decisions

    • Beth FiedlerHappy Entrepreneur w a PH product 🙌

      A set of 7 website widgets readily available. This is an amazing tool for startups! I particularly like the Survey and Chat widgets. Also appreciate the flexibility to choose the widget position. Now my challenge is not to overcrowd the website. Thanks very much for sharing!

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    Free toolkit for growing your website traffic.

    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    With many layover/popup services, monthly interactions might define the pricing. Sumo Me's small plan might do which comes with 5000 interactions per month. Branding and fonts are not an issue. If you're looking for more interactions/features, I can help you to get a similar service with up to 49,000 interactions per month with unlimited campaigns, including full-screen calls-to-action that show the moment they land on your page, on-site behaviour with automated messaging, exit intent, etc. You can integrate your MailChimp and play around as well. Lots of A/B testing and split variations are also a part. Let me know if you'd like to know more.
  3. Julio MedinaI love the interwebs · Written
    This is an amazing solution that has proven to be valuable. It gives users the satisfaction of winning something in exchange for their email address. Win Win! This is for shopify but there is a version being developed for other platforms.
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    Interactive Popups by VYPER

    Double your website conversion rate using gamified popups

    Works on any website!
    • Michel MayAizome Bedding

      Just wanted to quickly shout out that I really love the idea and execution. Have not used it but went though your materials and presentation. I plan on using this soon. Conversion from your landing page should be fun and not this annoying pop up in the middle of you window why you reading makes me instantly less wanting to read anything from that page.

      As mentioned in cons, various forms of gamifications (for various target audiences) seem to me the key feature for to future to make or break this. Also, since such little games also get old quickly, you do not want to have the same as somebody else in your niche.

      Great work! Keep it going.

    • Great products, great support!