What are the best plugins for Sublime Text?

I recently started using Sublime Text and would like to discover anything that could simplify my workflow.
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    Package Control
    Markus Bodner
    Markus BodnerTry, fail, repeat · Written
    Here's a few I like all available through the linked Package Control - AdvancedNewFile: Keyboard shortcut, press it type in name of the new file and voila, no mouse needed! - BracketHighlighter, because sometimes you need to see the opposite tag - Color Highlighter: Work with CSS a lot? see the color right in your editor - Emmet: HTML swiss army knife to quickly create html tags - Git, GitGutter (and maybe GitStatusBar): git - MultiEditUtils: ST3 already has multi-cursor edit, with MultiEditUtils everything's on steroids - Origami: Everything you need to create, move, destroy new split panes Some of them take a bit of time to get used to and learn the key-binds but they have been invaluable to me.
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    Emmet Livestyle

    Sublime Text plugin for live bi-directional CSS editing.

    snippets. shortcuts. powerful keyboard strokes. ultra-fast coding. very short learning curve. easy to master. lightweight. customizable.