What are the best plugins for Sublime Text?

I recently started using Sublime Text and would like to discover anything that could simplify my workflow.
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  1. Markus Bodner
    Markus BodnerWorking on Ads From Source · Written
    Here's a few I like all available through the linked Package Control - AdvancedNewFile: Keyboard shortcut, press it type in name of the new file and voila, no mouse needed! - BracketHighlighter, because sometimes you need to see the opposite tag - Color Highlighter: Work with CSS a lot? see the color right in your editor - Emmet: HTML swiss army knife to quickly create html tags - Git, GitGutter (and maybe GitStatusBar): git - MultiEditUtils: ST3 already has multi-cursor edit, with MultiEditUtils everything's on steroids - Origami: Everything you need to create, move, destroy new split panes Some of them take a bit of time to get used to and learn the key-binds but they have been invaluable to me.
  2. William Sternlicht
    William SternlichtDangerously Curious. Stanford '17. · Written
    Markus's list hits on some of my favorites but wanted to add a plug for sublime's linters! Depending on what type of developer you are, there are various linters (programs that run and analyze potential sources for bugs) that can be really helpful in making sure your code is up to par (clean, neat, bug free). I have CSS Lint and JSHint Linters both installed. Also, check out TrailingSpaces. Definitely helps curb my OCD a bit :).
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