Théo Blochet
Théo BlochetProduct Guy. Currently @GetQonto

What's a good alternative to Textexpander for Mac?

Use case : if you constantly find yourself copy-pasting the same text (especially within a team), what's an app that could host a collection of text snippets and associated keyboard/keyword shortcuts?
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    Instant offline access to 130+ API documentation sets.

    If you are a developer, Dash is your choice. It also does text-expanding and works great!
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    Alfred 3

    The Mac's best launcher just got a whole lot better

    Rogin Farrer
    Rogin FarrerDesign Systems Engineer @Wayfair · Written
    I used to use aText and Dash, and Alfred replaced both for me. The snippets have gotten a lot smarter over time, with support for smart variables, like date, time and cursor.
    • Anna  Miroshnichenko
      Anna MiroshnichenkoWeb Developer

      I cannot imagine how to use Mac without it. Finding apps by name is more convenient for me that do it with standard ways that iOS provides

    • Nikita Dudnik
      Nikita DudnikDeveloper/Designer

      Workflow is a killer feature. Also, you can configure Alfred to be called by double tapping one of the modifier keys. This is super convenient.

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    Type faster using abbreviations for common phrases

    Michelle Nickolaisen
    Michelle NickolaisenOwner, Bombchelle Industries · Written
    I use aText and I've had 1-2 very minor issues with it over the years, but nothing major. It's definitely worth the $5 fee if you just want something that does text shortcuts & don't necessarily want or need TextExpander's other features.
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    Allan Caeg
    Allan CaegFounder, · Written
    Looks compelling at $5 one-time fee
    After looking through all of these I can't believe how it's not higher on this list. $5 for a super powerful and easy to use TextExpander. Clean interface with dynamic variables. Great for code, emails, etc. The aText team could/should be charging even more than they are for this.
    • David Bograd
      David BogradFounder, Bograd Design

      I've used this app a lot when I was working in customer support, and often time miss it when I have to write my email (or anything repetative actually). I will download it again and get back to using it!

      Great that PH also surfaces "older" products.

    • Mikael Vinding
      Mikael VindingCTO, AP Technology

      aText is great. Make shortcuts like @@ for your email address, @ $ for work email etc. Things you type a lot like addresses, phone numbers, greetings and so on. If you moderate a forum or group this is a godsend as wel.

  4. No subscription, powerful features
    Luz Aracely Diaz
    Luz Aracely DiazI been working in Real Estate Business · Written
    for practice.
    Charles Magnuson
    Charles MagnusonProfessional Consumer · Written
    Significantly more powerful than TextExpander and it doesn't include any of the crappy design features of TextExpander.
  5. I recommend you check out PhraseExpress. PhraseExpress is available on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android. PhraseExpress can also import Textexpander snippets.
    Mike Springer
    Mike SpringerCustomer Experience at a Fortune 500 Inc · Written
    We use it for a long time on Windows. The Mac version is also working just fine. Very easy to use. Has some unique features. No subscription!
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    Keyboard Maestro

    Conduct your Mac like a pro

    JayDeveloper · Written
    I use this before I subscribe TextExpander
    • Lets you do anything with your Mac. Automate all the things! Script apps that don't have scripting support (by replaying macros containing keypresses, mouse movements, clicks, whatever), have your Mac react to USB events, date/time, your input, device keys, external triggers, sleep/wake events, filesystem triggers, etc.

      I use it heavily for a few years by now, it's one of my essential apps. New versions are usually insta-buys — when I read that v7 was released, I bought it without test-driving it first. Same thing happened a year or two later with v8. It's worth every single penny.

    • Patrick Loonstra
      Patrick LoonstraDesigner at

      It does repeating boring tasks for me. And also some fun logging stuff.

  7. Adem Bilican
    Adem BilicanMaker, Mobile Dev. · Written
    Adem Bilican made this product
    I recently released canSnippet, it is a snippet management application that works really well with code snippets. Sharing option is not implemented yet but will come in future releases. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question.
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    MacOS High Sierra

    Apple's newest MacOS update

    André Bose do Amaral
    André Bose do AmaralFounder/CCO/CEO, · Written
    I actually found the Keyboard > Text settings on System Preferences of MacOS (any version, really) to be quite handy for most of my uses. I just create a bunch of "$variables", and every time I type them across apps, it just expands to full copy.
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    • I love it no regrets, recommended than the NEW Mojave update... Disappointed only liked the Dark mode that's it the rest are trash for me, would love to downgrade from High Sierra again.

    • Miky Petrescu

      Macbook Pro 2014, with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB is super slow.

      I had to downgrade to Sierra.

  9. Théo Blochet
    Théo BlochetProduct Guy. Currently @GetQonto · Written
    TextExpander is great, but I feel the subscription model makes it insanely expensive for the little value we'd get out of it as a team of ~20, and it probably does way too much.