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What is the best App to find gift ideas?

I am looking for the easiest and most complete tool to find original gifts that match my boyfriend or family members likes and interests. Ideally it should keep research saved per person. Thanks for your suggestions !
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    The smart gifting service for the thoughtful professional

    Heather HartnettCEO of Human Ventures · Written
    @claire_cdb Best gifting app out there. Would love your feedback after you use it!
    Jonathan Jarvis made this product
    I recommend Token, too! We've got a dedicated team to help you find a great gift for each person you want to give to. And, we wrap every gift, really really nicely!
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    Fantastic curation of Amazon products
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    Pinterest Search

    A new way to find what you’re looking for.

    LjainDigital Marketer, · Written
    In Pinterest Search, it's very helpful! >>
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    All your wishes in a single sharable link

    Lee BellonFounder Wishfinity, WishExpress... · Written
    Lee Bellon made this product
    We launched Wishfinity to eliminate the guesswork from gifting. Ask family and friends to create a universal wishlist of everything they want regardless of retailer or brand, then share it with you for stressless gifting.