What tools are you using for Development?

What tools are you using For Developing Applications in? i currently switched to PHPstorm and its amazing 😍 but would be interesting to see what others are using
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    Sublime Text 3

    Sophisticated Text Editor For Code

    Markus Bodner
    Markus BodnerTry, fail, repeat · Written
    Every 6 months or so I stick my head out and look at others like Atom and VSCode. I always end up sticking with ST3 plus a few new plugins, can't recommend it enough.
    Milan Chheda
    Milan ChhedaSoftware Developer · Written
    Best in the market. Extremely light weight. Has tons of plugins and ultra fast. I have used others too, but nothing comes close to Sublime Text 3.
    Bryan ROUX
    Bryan ROUX110100101000110101 · Written
    Using since a while ! Very cool
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    A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

    Tania Hew
    Tania HewFounder @AbengCoINC · Written
    Good ecosystem. Numerous packages. I like using it. And I love supporting free or open source software.
    Brandon Manson
    Brandon MansonSoftware Engineer · Written
    This is my go-to text editor. Super customizable and pleasant to use.
    Atom is the easiest editor to customize. And it is totally free and open source. What else ?
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    Visual Studio Code 1.0

    Microsoft's cross-platform text editor for developers

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatiadesign @mercury · Written
    After using Sublime Text for years, I switched over to visual studio code and it's been amazing. Highly recommended!
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    Andrés Valera
    Andrés ValeraCo-founder @ Leadbox · Written
    Amazing editor that's being constantly getting better
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    Run in Postman Button

    Test public APIs with one click

    Abhishek Biswal
    Abhishek BiswalProgrammer. Quizr, Shuffl, Waylo. · Written
    Better than all the API Development & testing tools available out there (including chrome plugins). Sync features, Collaboration & Collections make it more awesome.
    Brandon Manson
    Brandon MansonSoftware Engineer · Written
    I use this tool on a daily basis to test my own APIs as well as APIs I'm looking to integrate with. I cannot think of a better tool to help with rapidly prototyping an API.
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    Dash 3.0

    Offline docs & reference for 150+ APIs, languages & tools

    App that you need if you are a dev
    Enoch Leonard
    Enoch LeonardFull Stack Developer · Written
    Indispensable tool for programmers at any level.
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    JetBrains Mono

    A free font that makes it easier for devs to read code 🛠️

    Christopher Leach
    Christopher LeachProgrammer and Student · Written
    Adding onto what Brandon said, IntelliJ can also be used with numerous other languages and technologies, really just a great all around application.
    Brandon Manson
    Brandon MansonSoftware Engineer · Written
    IntelliJ is the best Java editor on the market right now. It plays very nicely with Maven and Gradle and is nice to work with for local development as well.
    Amazing. Don't even have to be developing in Java to find IntelliJ IDEA streamlining your development. built in terminal and plugins make it amazing tool
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    Prompt 2 by Panic

    The best SSH client for iOS

    So much easier to work w/ S3. Web interface is kinda sketchy and SSH is a PITA.
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    JetBrains Mono

    A free font that makes it easier for devs to read code 🛠️

    Nice to use , can run the database and terminal in one window and ive made less mistakes using it since
    Tanishq Sharma
    Tanishq SharmaFull Stack Product Developer · Written
    Fast, apart from being an avid IntellJ user, I have grown to their syntax highlighting schemes and all other notions. (Android Studio included!)
  9. Niklaus Gerber
    Niklaus GerberI assist with digital innovation · Written
    Go to App. Period
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    Tower 3.0

    The most powerful Git client for Mac and Windows

    Great GUI client if you use Git!
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    Simplicity and power in a beautiful Git GUI

    AlexCEO - Blocksmith Labs · Written
    Supports multiple accounts, Git and mercurial repositories, meaningful visualizations. I use this to manage all my open-source and client work in the same place. I hardly use the terminal for anything related to Git.
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    MAMP PRO 4
    James Bovis
    James BovisWeb Designer at Laura Ashley · Written
    Great way to run a PHP server locally, especially for testing things like forms etc.
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    Twitter Live

    Twitter replaces TV. Watch live events and tweet w/ friend.

    Pretty awesome suite of tools bundled through Fabric for iOS development. I'm using Crashlytics, Answers, Digits, Stripe, and Branch & Fastlane for beta distribution automation.
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    Duet Display
    Works great for putting up reference material or testing quickly on an actual device with simulator
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    A UX tool suite for mobile app designers and developers

    Bent Stamnes
    Bent StamnesReal-time Graphics Enthusiast · Written
    Bent Stamnes made this product
    I'm naturally biased, but for native iOS and Android development with a focus on user experience, animation and writing less code, Fuse is the s#%t. :)
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    Joel Oliveira
    Joel OliveiraDev. Founder shubox.io, thredded.com · Written
    Neovim is the future of VI* and has quickly proved to be ready for "daily driver" use. As a longtime VIM user it took very little to make the switch but I've been happy from the start. As for a more specific answer to "Why?" - the answer is "power and versatility"
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    MJML App

    The only app that makes responsive email easy

    It just makes build responsive emails more pleasant. Live rendering allows you see the end result as you code and switching between Desktop or Mobile view you can see the responsive behavior in real-time.
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    Kuoll JavaScript Tracer

    See how your users crashed your web application

    Eugene  Stepnov
    Eugene StepnovDoing things at Flatlogic.com · Written
    Eugene Stepnov made this product
    I am a co-founder of that tool, but we are using it for our development too :)
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    Espresso for Mac v3
    TonMac'aholic · Written
    One of the few native Mac code-editors. Has a gorgeous innovative UI and is an absolute joy to use. Comes with a very nice CSS editor with Xray mode to preview and debug your CSS stuff. Also: a host of other features that need a website to be shown. About the only thing missing is an impressive list of plugins and extensions that some of the other editors have. But they're working on that. Note: v3 used to be. It's v5 right now, as the numbering scheme has been changed to 'Sketch format'.
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    A great all-in-one solution for developers.