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What is the best alternative service like Stripe for Indian based software company?

Stripe is a good option for online payments. However, Stripe is not available in India yet to sell digital products (software products) across the globe. What other companies offer a way to sell digital products from India?
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    Stripe Atlas

    The best way to start an internet business

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    I second that! Like @kunalslab and a lot more out there, I'm a part of the Stripe Atlas community and in my case, everything (incorporation, bank account, EIN) happened at a magical pace. I now have an incorporated Delaware C Corp and using Stripe's amazing API to accept recurring payments. What is more? With time, you'll be e-meeting the whole Stripe customer service team and they'll make sure you don't have any doubts about the whole process. I can share my invite link if you opt for Stripe Atlas.
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    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    You're going to love Stripe Atlas. You can accept payments from any country. They'll help you set up a Delaware Corp and get a bank account through Silicon Valley Bank. You also get a bunch of other resources, including access to lawyers and accountants. I'm using them to incorporate and do all this from the US, but you can do it from India too!
    • Abhi Nayar
      Abhi NayarSenior @ Yale. Co-founder

      Stripe Atlas was a godsend.

      My startup, tonebase, incorporated using Stripe Atlas. It was both easier, faster and MUCH cheaper than using lawyers. Our lawyers were quoting upwards of a few thousand dollars to file the incorporation forms whereas Stripe Atlas was just $500 + some other small fees.

      In addition they give you AWS credits and some other perks (that I don't particularly remember). Stripe also provides some really awesome documents courtesy of their legal partner that really walk you through the options you have regarding equity splitting, C-corp benefits, and all sorts of legal items most people are ignorant to.

      I HIGHLY recommend Stripe Atlas for any startup, individual or company. Honestly the idea of starting a company is daunting WITHOUT the legal hassle, and Stripe makes it stupid simple.

      Easy, fast application (the actual forms, etc.), great communicative team, relatively fast EIN numbers and paperwork/forms, and perhaps best of all $10,000 in AWS credits (which we have yet to scratch the surface of).

      If there was ONE negative it would be that Stripe really does ask you to describe your business in detail. When we applied for incorporation our business model was in flux - subscription platform, FFS platform, etc. we weren't really sure. This caused a delay and some small amount of tension BUT it was honestly really helpful for US. My advice if you are in a similar situation would be to just pick a very straightforward, simple business model when you apply and then of course (like any good startup lol) pivot.

      The reason they do this is for reporting/tax reasons (or so they say) which seems understandable and reasonable. Overall Stripe Atlas is AMAZING and I would highly highly recommend it.

    • Ferenc Brachmann
      Ferenc BrachmannI help digital marketers win on mobile.

      On my behalf of our entire team at Beeem I can only say positive thigs. Support feels like it's always on, you get answers to all of your questions pretty fast even during the process. Everithing was figured out by the time I encountered any challenges, like mailing the company credit card to us (as it by default can not be mailed outside the US).

  2. Good alternative to Stripe
    AlaguCo-founder at Askmile, YC Alum · Written
    I've used Razorpay - really friendly APIs and developer tools. Best payment gateway for India.
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    Everything you need to sell apps and content.

    Herman Schutte
    Herman SchutteWorking on StackPile and SnapWidget · Written
    I'm using Paddle to handle subscription payments for my SaaS app and it works great. They handle (some) of the payment related customer support and do all the invoicing on their side as well as calculating the appropriate sales taxes (very important for customers in the EU).
    • gerasim_sergey
      gerasim_sergeyCEO MacPlus Software,

      For more than a year I have been trying to work with this system, my problems have not been resolved and I have been suffering for many months, the support service answers very rarely and is not qualified, I have not really received any help.


  4. Manish Malik
    Manish MalikTechnology Products. Mostly. · Written
    Instamojo has been around for some time (I used to tell my friends about this "gumroad for India" thing several years ago). Clean, fast process to get started and their API was quite clean (I ended up writing a golang wrapper for their API years ago in the early stages). They even had features to watermark your PDF digital content for each download. I'd definitely recommend you to take a look at it.
    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Instamojo is a clean example of your needs. No wonder they're the best in India.
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    Stripe for India

    Manan Shah
    Manan ShahHustler, @recruiterflow · Written
    If you are an Indian entity and planning on accepting payments in INR, nothing would work as well as this. Stripe works better when you want to create a US entity and want to accept payments in USD.
  6. Naman Bhutani
    Naman BhutaniSales Specialist · Written
    Came across CashFree sometime back, they've recently been at YC S17 batch. They have been doing a pretty great job so far.