What is the best mobile app credit card that charges no fees and requires no credit score?

Is there in the US any credit card that does not require credit score, charges no annual fees and is 100% digital (mobile app)?
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    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    I recommend searching NerdWallet. I think all credit cards in the US require a credit check. So if you're looking to start building a credit score, I'd put in that your score is low. Then it gives you some options for cards to help you start building. When I didn't have a credit score yet, I had started with a student credit card to build credit. As far as digital - I think if you get a card from any of the large companies (Amex, Discover, Capital One..etc..), all of them have great mobile apps. Then if you have an iPhone, could use Apple Pay. Personally I use an Amex card mostly, and never actually use the card. All through Apple Pay and the amex app.
    Nice Logo.
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    Kyle HessFintech Product Manager · Written
    Simple is a *debit* card, not a credit card, but I used them for years. Cool product, easy to use, and they'll do things like mail a check to someone for you. Might be worth checking out, if you don't nee dto borrow the money.
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    Shakepay Instant

    Pay with Bitcoin with instantly generated VISA cards 💳

    Shake pay is as well perfect
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    If you are in Europe and especially the countries they serve its the best solution