Best tool to send invoice to a foreign client and receive payment in dollars?

I wanted an alternative to PayPal (which has a very expensive fee and currency exchange rate) to send invoices and receive payments in dollars. Ex.: I'm in Spain and want to send an invoice to my USA client charging $200. He will pay the invoice and I will receive the dollars in my bank account. TransferWise is not an option, since it does not accept dollars
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    Send money abroad without hidden & excessive bank fees 💷 🔁 💶

    Omer Molad
    Omer Molad4Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    Transferwise is hands-down the best tool for electronic wires. 0.5-0.7% fees and it's all done online in a couple of clicks. I use it for all our payments.
    Karen L Johnson
    Karen L Johnsonfirst nations spiritual guidence · Written
    very beneficial especially when i have my main supplier in china and India and direct to supplier is much easier with less fee and save on costs and not having to raise my prices for supplies i dont have to shop local and expands my supply options
    • Leslie Hughes
      Leslie HughesFounder & CEO, iSPY Visuals, Inc.

      We love Transferwise. It makes it easy to pay our partner in the UK. The fees are lower and once you set someone up, you just click to send again. Only wish is that they add the ability to schedule payments ahead of time.

    • Chris | Vrixe
      Chris | VrixeEdit and open the best moments together.

      Beautiful UI should not matter when it comes to money talks? Wrong!. This app looks good and works good and under the hood, talking about sending money, they have such a refreshing idea that just makes it all so easy but not too easy to make you send in a heartbeat, which is perfect. Love it!

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    Google Wallet

    Send and receive money. Spend it instantly.

    HarishDigital Analyst · Written
    Safe,service and instant transfer.